Tuesday, February 17, 2015

High Tea with Joanna (Great Grand Daughter of Frieda Lawrence) & Richard Terry at Mabel Dodge Luhan House

                        Left to right Liz Cunningham, Sharon Oard Warner, Stan Rivelas, Bill Haller

Sharon Oard Warner gathered a few current ‘Movers and Shakers’ of Taos together for a High Tea Party at the historic Mabel Dodge Luhan House “Los Gallos”. The guest(s) of  honor visiting from Toronto was the Great Grand Daughter of Frieda Lawrence, Joanna Terry and her husband Richard Terry. During their visit to Taos the couple were given a tour of the DH Lawrence Kiowa Ranch by Bill Haller president of the Board of the Friends of D.H. Lawrence. A visit to the 'Forbidden Paintings of D.H. Lawrence' collection at the Taos La Fonda Hotel was a must see. Later they met with Taos legend Jenny Vincent who had befriended Frieda, one of the very few people still living today who knew Frieda personally.
                           Holly Sievers, Joanna Terry, Richard Terry

As Mrs. Terry began to speak about her day in Taos she welled up in tears. Her first words when she began “My head is spinning”. The Terry’s spoke with me fondly of Taos, their curiosity had been piqued. They told me that they would indeed be back to visit, asking when would the best time to visit be. They had only planned a bit of a sightseeing journey through the southwest with friends, including parts of Colorado and New Mexico. As I like to remind visitors, Taos is much more than a day trip, and they whole-heartedly agreed.

Joanna Terry speaking to the attendees

Frieda Emma Johanna Maria Lawrence (née von Richthofen) married David Herbert ('D.H.') Lawrence on July 13, 1914 after receiving a divorce from her first husband Ernest Weekly. Professor Weekly was DH Lawrence’ teacher at University College of Nottingham. Lawrence met Frieda on March 3, 1912 they immediately fell in love. Remembering her father’s words “Marry for Love” she followed her heart.
D.H. Lawrence and Frieda Lawrence
Ernest was bitterly hurt when Frieda ran off with one of his former students, soon he took out a court order keeping Frieda from seeing her 3 children Charles, Elsa & Barbara.
Lawrence wrote of her “She’s the finest woman I know.”
Frieda Lawrence

The Lawrences only owned one piece of property during their lives together, the 160 acre Kiowa Ranch previously named the Flying Heart Ranch then changed to Lobo Ranch (and later to Kiowa) just north of the Town of Taos by the village of San Cristobal. Frieda bequeathed the property “to an organization to be created and sponsored by the University of New Mexico, providing they succeed in making a perpetual D.H. Lawrence Memorial or Foundation.” This quote is taken directly from her Last Will and Testament, Second Section, Part A, dated August 23, 1956.

View from the Lawrence Kiowa Ranch

Frieda von Richthofen (8/11/1879-8/11/1956) was born into an aristocratic family in Metz, France (near the German border). Her father was Baron Friedrich Ernst Emil Ludwig von Richthofen (1844-1916), her mother was Anna Elise Lydia Marquier (1852-1930). 
Frieda is buried at the DH Lawrence Kiowa Ranch here in Taos alongside the shrine and burial place of Lawrence.

Frieda Lawrence memorial at the ranch, Bill Haller with Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Frieda wrote that her last words be printed in the local paper 
“To my friends: A last farewell to all my friends, thanking them for all their friendship.”
                        Far Left Nita Murphy, Mr. Healy, Richard Archueleta, MDL Staff Chef, D. Lujan, Rose Alexander, Trudy Healy Far Right 
In response, Rebecca Salsbury James composed this note: “No one who ever met Frieda Lawrence Ravagli, even casually, can ever forget the eagerness and assurance of her booming “Ja!” It always made them feel their own importance as living creatures, and certainly impressed them with her significance as a vital force and as a lasting influence for good on all who knew her.” “But it was she who inspired these friendships and she who should be thanked for what she so bountifully gave to so many of us.”

A personal note to Rebecca James from Frieda

Frieda was truly loved here in Taos, the Terry’s felt that love today, overwhelmingly so. 
In the few photographs here you can see a strong family resemblance between Joanna Terry and her Great Grandmother Frieda Lawrence.
Today was a very proud day for all of Taos, it was an honor to be invited and to attend this event.
Joanna Terry, Great Grand Daughter of Frieda Lawrence
Thankfully the Lawrence Ranch will begin the 2015 season earlier than expected and be open to the public Thursday, Friday & Saturday beginning in March 2015, in May the ranch will extend days which it will be open to the public (we hope 7 days a week).
On the front porch of the Lawrences Home 
The Bill Haller docent course at UNM Taos begins February 25, 2015 this link will give you the syllabus for the previous semester: http://www.taoscf.org/uploads/files/DHLawrencesyllabus.pdf
Frieda & D.H.
For the best source of updates on the Lawrence Ranch: http://www.friendsofdhlawrence.org
High Tea Treats provided by the Mabel Dodge Luhan House staff
Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Winter panoramic view with dovecotes

Taos celebrates the year 2015 as it's 100th anniversary of being an Art Colony with the formation of the Taos Society of Artists. Today was a reminder of how very rich Taos history truly is.

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