Monday, August 1, 2016

40 Hopi Kachina Dolls 1900-1990

Kachina Way KOA Campground Sign 30" wide $195. 
Kachina Wall with 40 Wall Hanger Dolls (not on bases)

These are most of the Kachina Dolls I currently have available as of August 1, 2016 
at Two Graces Plaza Gallery 575-758-4101
Inventory is always fluctuating, for the newest updates on incoming fresh to the market Kachina Dolls, friend me on Facebook. That truly is the easiest way for updates on new inventory of all sorts.

As to Kachina Repairs, many of you have seen an earlier blog post about the fact that I do repair wooden objects, specializing in Kachina Repairs, pre 1970. I prefer Not to Fix newer dolls, only older. If you do have an old Kachina that is in need of being restored please send photos and a short description of what is wrong and needs restoration, to the email provided here.
Thank you for your interest in our Kachina Dolls.

Peeping Out Man 7” tall ca. 1920s Private Collection
Hemis Kachina 10” tall ca. Pre-1920 SOLD
Koninkatsinam 9 1/2” tall ca. 1940-1950 $395.
Nqayayataqa 8” tall ca. 1940s SOLD

Hochani (R.C. Gorman Estate) 13” tall ca late 1970s SOLD
Kokopelli Mana 11” tall ca. early 1960s $350.
Corn Boy w Crocheted leggings 11 1/2” tall circa late 1950s SOLD

Corn Harvest Kachina 11 1/2” tall ca. late 1950s SOLD
Zuni Shalako on base 12” tall ca. late 1960-early1970 $725.
Velvet Shirt 11 1/2” tall ca. early 1960s SOLD

Qoqoli 9” tall ca. 1980s SLD
Tasap 8” tall ca. 1965 SOLD
Konin 7 1/2” tall ca. early 1990s SOLD
HeHeYa Clown 8” tall ca. 1965 SOLD

Hopi Ogre 9” tall ca. 2000 $250. 
Sio Ho-Ote Ogre (Van Vechten Estate) 10” tall ca. 1950s SOLD.
Ahote Hunter 8” tall ca. 1990s SOLD

Asap Mana 5 3/4” tall ca. 1960s SOLD
Long Beard 5 1/4” tall ca. 1960s SOLD
Hopi Laguna Dancer 7 1/2” tall ca. 1960s SOLD
Warrior Rabbit 5 1/2” tall ca. 1970s SOLD

Koyemsi by Rae Honytewa 4 1/4” ca. 1990 $195.
Zuni Koyemsi 8 1/2” ca. 1960s SOLD
Koyemsi Mudhead 9 1/2” ca. 1960sSOLD
Koyemsi by Rae Honytewa 5 1/2” ca. 1990 $250.

Dawa Sun for Kachina Wall Hanger Dolls 5 1/2" tall by 6 1/2" wide contemporary SOLD

Route 66 Trading Post Kachina Dolls

Route 66 or Trading Post Dolls continue to rise in value. Originally made for the tourist market rather than for passing out to youngsters from the Hopi Villages during Kachina and Ceremonial dances. Rt. 66 Dolls have a carved rounded base often with a notch as opposed to carved legs and feet. For a very long time, collectors have looked down on these dolls as second rate or of lesser value. For a while they were a great item to collect for the beginning collector. Now collectors are creating vast arrays of these little beauties and values keep going up. With more research and the more I've written on my Blog about Rte. 66 Dolls the more desirable they have become. The most desirable dolls were sold at the Grand Canyon Trading Post, those have a label stating "From the Hopi Villages" either on the back or underside. I currently have one of those dolls available here, which is the second Hopi Mana in the second photo below, a true rare treasure. The next most desirable Route 66 dolls are the ones stamped with the Dawa Sun on the underside, indicating they were created by the Hopi Guild master carver Abbot S.. There are 2 of those dolls in the second and third photos below, a Morning Singer and an Ogre. Many Hopi Carvers did indeed carve this style of doll to sell to trading posts and visitors to the Hopi Mesas. Little by little some of those carvers are being identified, once again adding value into the marketplace. I suspect the small Cloud Dancer in the second photo 5th from the left to be a doll by the great Otto Pentewa, as I've seen others of this nature identified as such.
Mongwa-Owl 5 1/2” tall ca. 1950sSOLD
Owl 3 1/2” tall ca. 1980s SOLD
Owl Pincushion 4 1/4” tall ca. 1960s SOLD
Owl by Frederick Myron 6 1/4” tall ca. 1950s SOLD

Hopi Mana 4 1/4” tall ca. early 1930sSOLD
Hopi Mana (with "From the Hopi Villages" label on the underside) 3 1/2” tall 
ca. late 1920s SOLD
Long Beard 3” tall ca. 1990s SOLD
Morning Singer w automotive silver paint (Abbot S. Hopi Guild) 3” tall dated 1956 SOLD
Cloud Kachina 3” tall ca. 1930-1940s SOLD
Warrior 4 1/4” tall ca. 1970s SOLD

Koyemsi Mudhead 6 3/4” tall ca. 1960-1970s SOLD
Koyemsi Mudhead 3 1/4” tall ca. 1960s SOLD
Niman 4 1/2” tall ca. 1950s SOLD
Ogre w Hopi Sun Guild stamp 5 3/4” tall ca. 1940-1950s $250.

Hand-Made Carved Sign 9 1/4" tall x 18" wide $200.
Please Note: This is a sign I made myself)

Thank you for taking a look.