Friday, September 11, 2009

First Post

This year will be our 6th annual Dia de los Muertos altar exhibit here at
Two Graces Gallery. My normal pattern to selecting people to be a part of
this wonderful exhibition is to ask artists and non artists to partake. Usually the artists
make wonderful shrines which are for sale in the Gallery and the non-artists make amazing
altars to represent friends & family members. Always with a creative twist. The non-artist
generate ideas and get help from the other artists. The exhibit opens in mid October, this year it will be Friday, October 16, 5-8PM for the reception with the "artists" and will be on display
through November 30. Two Graces Gallery is open 7 days a week 10-6. For the exhibition this year I have decided to use the theme of "Altars for the End of the Summer of Love". As per my normal thing I'm not going to be dogmatic with people and say "You must stick with this theme", People will do what they have in mind, I just thought this year someone needed to put an ending to Summer of Love. If you are planning to be in Taos at this time of year, and believe me Fall is beautiful in the Southwest, the Aspens, Chamisa and Sunflowers all bright yellow. The air becomes crisp and the crowds are gone, more room to breath.