Friday, July 5, 2019

Kit Carson Road and Paseo del Pueblo Norte Neighboring Businesses in Downtown Historic Taos

Taos Author Frank Waters put it best in his book "Of Time and Change" 'The town of Taos itself has undergone many eras and periods. Like an individual person, it has worn different personas or masks. And yet its charisma, that indefinable magnetism, kept drawing more people. It still does... What do its thousands of visitors expect to find here? Taos. The magic of the word. What timeless spirit does it embody?'

Map of Kit Carson Road
Please Note: Storefronts on south side of the road are reversed for viewing.

Kit Carson Road North Side (heading East)
Taos Fine Art Storefront at the corner of Paseo del Pueblo Norte and Kit Carson Road

1.) Taos Fine Art and Remarkable Rugs LLC, established 2003, Anthony Sobin, owner
103 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10:30-5:30 daily 575-578-3700 CLOSED due to forced closures during the pandemic.

Two Graces Storefront with Historic entryway on Barela Lane

2.) Two Graces established 2003 Holly Sievers & Robert Cafazzo, co-owners
105 Barela Lane Hours: 10:30-5:30 daily 575-758-4101
Art, Books, Curios

Copper Moon Gallery Window View

3.) Copper Moon Gallery established 2011 Diana Miller, owner
105 Kit Carson Rd. CLOSED due to retirement.

Taos Print & Photography Services Storefront with Historic Mural

4.) Taos Print and Photography Services established 2015, Gak Stonn, owner
107 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 24/7 (or by appt.) 575-425-1587
High quality Printing, digital capture of original art, photography workshops.

Greg Moon Art Storefront on the Boardwalk

5.) Greg Moon Art Gallery Greg Moon, owner
109A Kit Carson Rd. Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 11-5 (Wed & Sun by appt.) 575-770-4463
Greg Moon Art prides itself in continuing the fine art traditions of Taos. Specializing in contemporary  works ranging from oil to assemblage. Genres of work include realism, outsider art, and pop surrealism.

Dragonfly Blue Window

6.) Dragonfly Blue established 2017, Lysa Montwill, owner
109B Kit Carson Rd. Hours: Thurs 12-6, Fri 12-6:30, Sat 11-7, Sun 2-6 (Mon-Wed, by appt.) 909-784-8490
Taos artists known for art that is detailed and mood provoking. The encounters that occur here are quintessential Taos meetings.We also sponsor quarterly Ekphrasis events merging Taos writers and performance artists with Taos visual artists.

Kit Carson Home & Museum

7.) Kit Carson Home and Museum 
113 Kit Carson Rd, Hours: 10-5:30 daily established 1949 575-758-4082
The adobe house was built ca. 1825 and purchased by Kit Carson as a wedding gift for his third wife Maria Josefa Jaramillo, a member of a prominent Taos family. The territorial style building was their home for twenty five years. Today Carson is considered a controversial figure, yet the museum remains a well loved Taos destination.

Historic Taos Postcard

8.) Sage Realty Paul Rotman, owner CLOSED
115 Kit Carson Rd. 575-770-1121 

View of Sage Realty & Angie Coleman Studio

9.) Angie Coleman Studio Angie Coleman, owner
117A Kit Carson Rd. 575-779-4658
Coleman is primarily known for her woodblock prints, she is always at work in her studio gallery. Her inspiration comes from hiking and camping in Northern New Mexico.

10.) Wilder Nightingale Fine Art established 1991 Robert Wilder Nightingale, owner
119 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10-5 Mon-Sat 12-5 Sunday 575-758-3255
An Art Gallery that includes over 35 local notable and emerging artists. Eclectic collection of original regional landscapes from traditional to contemporary. 

View of Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, The Ranch at Taos & Bryan's Gallery

11.) The Ranch at Taos established 2013 Lanna Smith, owner
119A Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10 - 5 Mon-Sat, 12-4 Sunday MOVED 325-647-5736
Known for vibrant art and wonderful local jewelry, including Rosa Kilgore's modern jewelry designs for the southwest soul.

12.) Bryan’s Gallery established 1982 Bryan Steger, owner
121 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10-5 daily 575-758-9407
We are known for authentic New Mexico arts, from Old Pawn jewelry, Native American pottery and contemporary local art.

Storefronts of Untitled Editions and Pulaski Fine Art

13.) Palaski Fine Art established 2019 Cece Palaski, owner
129 Kit Carson Rd. 575-758-3448
CLOSED due to forced closures during the pandemic

14.) Optimysm established 2011 Nyna Matysiak, owner CLOSED
129E Kit Carson Rd. Hours: Mon- Sat 10-6 Sunday 12-3 575-741-8545
OptiMysm is Taos' metaphysical shop, supplier of spiritual needs for seekers. also, provide psychic readings, mon-sat 12-3pm

15.) Tea-O-Graphy Dana B., owner
129 Kit Carson Rd. Tuesday-Saturday 11-5 575-613-2029
A burgeoning tea company born in the heart of Taos.

Untitled Fine Art Storefront with Historic front door entryway

16A & 16B) Untitled Fine Art & Untitled Editions established 1993 Kimberly Webber & K.C. Tebbutt co-owners
125 & 133 Kit Carson Rd. UFA Hours: 10-5 daily UE Hours: 11-6 daily 575-758-3969
Featuring light responsive paintings by Taos contemporary artists along with fused glass and black walnut sculptures. Our new atelier and fine art print gallery offers museum quality prints of work by K.C. Tebbutt and Kimberly Webber. 

Casa Benavidez B&B grand entryway

17.) Casa Benavidez B&B established 1989 Tom McCarthy, owner
137 Kit Carson Road 575-758-1772
A classic bed and breakfast in the heart of Taos.

18.) Veloy Vigil Fine Arts Michael Vigil, owner
107 Morada Lane 575-758-8989
The Vigil's continues the family tradition of making art in Taos.

19.) El Monte Sagrado 
317 Kit Carson Rd. 575-737-9880
A fine Heritage hotel and conference center.

20.) Thom Wheeler Home & Studio established 1985 Thom Wheeler, owner
939 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: by appointment 575-758-8870
Thom is an artist who enjoys his work and welcomes guests to visit his studio, which is open on a daily basis. You can watch him cut, grind and polish metals...

Historic Photograph looking East on Kit Carson Road (courtesy of Beutler Family Collection)

Kit Carson Rd. South Side (heading East)

Cabot Plaza featuring Lucid Massage/Art Studio, Fine Art Atelier/Gallery, and the George Chacon Mural

21.a) Lucid Massage & Art Studio established 2018 Tulsi Anne Rose, owner CLOSED
108H Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 9:30-5:30 Mon-Sat 575-776-7286
Art gallery, massage studio featuring deep tissue, energy work and face painting, giving back to the community.

21.b) Benedictine Monks of Taos 108 Kit Carson at Cabot Plaza 9-5 daily 575-751-8531 A unique gift shop in support of the Monastery of San Juan Diego. MOVED

Storefront Signage at Cabot Plaza

22.) Fine Art Atelier & Gallery Patience Heyl, owner
108 Kit Carson Rd. 719-338-0081
Inspired by light and the poetry of nature, Patience is known for her versatility.

Historic View of Kit Carson Road looking East (courtesy of Beutler Family Collection)

23.) La Dona Luz B&B Paco Castillo, owner
114C Kit Carson Rd. 575-758-9000
An historic bed & breakfast in the heart of Taos.

View of entryway to El Rincon Trading Post and La Dona Luz B&B

24.) El Rincon Trading Post established 1909
114 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10-6
The oldest trading post continually operating in Northern New Mexico for three generations.

View of Taos Mountain from the roof of La Dona Luz B&B

25.) Orale Art for the Revolution CLOSED
114 Kit Carson Rd.

26.) Heritage Fine Arts established 2014 Tree Menane, owner 
122 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10-6 Mon-Sat, 12-6 Sun 575-751-7348
Taos' foremost Western Art Gallery representing acclaimed traditional and contemporary Western and Native American Artists. Our Estate Salesroom presents the finest assortment of aftermarket collectible pieces by RC Gorman, Frank Howell, Earl Biss, and many others.

Storefronts of Parsons Gallery of the West and Heritage Fine Arts

27.) Parsons Gallery of the West 
122 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: 10-5 Mon-Sat 575-737-9200
Presenting an array of carefully selected art of both historic and contemporary views of the west.

28.) David Anthony Fine Arts DAFA established 2011 David Mapes, owner MOSTLY CLOSED
132 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-5 (or by appt.) 575-758-7113
Fine Furniture maker David Mapes is the star of the gallery also featuring an array of contemporary artists.

Storefronts to Lunder Research Center/Souse-Sharp Foundation and DAFA

29.) The Couse Foundation/Couse-Sharp Historic Site established 2001 Davison Packard Koenig, Executive Director
146 Kit Carson Rd. Hours: by appt. (Office Hours 9-5 Mon-Fri) 575-751-0369
Featuring the studios of E. I. Couse and J. H. Sharp, were founding members of the Taos Society of Artists. These two painters helped create the cultural fabric of Taos and the West as we know it today. Visit the Couse home and see how these pioneer painters lived. Stand at Couse’s easel, see the model’s stage and props, as it was 100 years ago. Witness this unbroken chain of history as it is preserved into the future, with the restoration of Sharp’s 1915 studio and the building of the Lunder Research Center (opening in 2021).

Historic Photograph of Kit Carson Road looking West (courtesy of Beutler Family Collection)

Map of Paseo del Pueblo Norte between Taos Plaza & Bent Street

East Side of Paseo del Pueblo Norte 
block between Taos Plaza & Bent Street (north to south)

30.) Donabe Asian Kitchen established 2018 Marshal Thompson, owner
133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 11-9 daily
Contemporary Asian fusion deliciousness.

Courtyard view of Donabe and Andean Software

31.) Andean Software established 1984 Andrea Heckman, owner
131 Paseo del Pueblo Norte
Wearable art and clothing from the Andes.

Historic photograph of Taos Inn's neon Thunderbird sign

32.) Taos Inn, Doc Martin’s & Adobe Bar established 1936 
125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte 575-758-2233
An historic hotel in the heart of Taos, featuring fine dining, live music and a cocktail bar which many consider the living room of Taos. During the 'Cold War' a bomb shelter was built under the Taos Inn, I wonder if it's still there?

Historic photograph of Paseo del Pueblo Norte looking South (courtesy of Beutler Family Collection)

33.) Starr Interiors/La Unica Cosa established 1974 Susanna Starr, owner
117-119 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10-5 daily 575-758-3065
Rugs, pillows, tapestry wall hanging, home of the Line Of the Spirit (TM) collection.

Storefront view of Starr Interiors and Boxie Tees

34.) Boxie Tees established 2011 Tracy Engelien, owner MOVED
113 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Sun 12-4, Mon-Fri 12-6, Sat 11-6, 575-758-4480
A contemporary women's apparel collection of relaxed basic t-shirts and much more.

35.) Black Diamond Curio established 2018 Paul Wilcox & Darryl Nicholson, co-owners CLOSED
111 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Thursday-Sunday 12-6 575-224-1844
Focusing on souvenirs, home decor, provisions, books, t-shirts, art, jewelry and vintage goods made in and inspired by the American West. Most everything is handcrafted, small-batch or up-cycled. 

Storefront view of Boxie Tees, Black Diamond Curio and Shank

36.) Shank Rachel Bell, owner 
109 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Tues-Saturday 10-5 575-737-0882
The hippest stylist in Taos.

Window view of Read Lockhart Gallery

37.) Read Lockhart Gallery established 2017 D. Read Lockhart & Kristel McKanna, co-owners
107 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Wed-Mon 10-6 847-528-0980
Best known for being a contemporary art gallery featuring solo exhibitions displaying a wide variety  of professional artists in downtown Taos.

38.) Engel & Volkers Realtors 
105 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5

View of Natural Accents

39.) Natural Accents CLOSED
103 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10-5 daily 575-758-7099
Taste the life of fine arts in Taos, specializing in custom jewelry designs, paintings and sculpture.

Historic Postcard at intersection of Kit Carson Road and Paseo del Pueblo Norte

West Side of Paseo del Pueblo Norte 
block between Taos Plaza & Bent Street (south to north)

View of World Cup Coffee, Ed Sandoval Gallery & Vape Taos

40.) World Cup Coffee
102A Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 7AM-7PM
Simply the best tasting coffee in Taos.

41.) Ed Sandoval Gallery Ed Sandoval, owner MOVED
102B Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 11-4 daily 575-770-6360
A Taos tradition, see Ed at work every day in front of his gallery.

42.) Vape Taos 
102C Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10-7 daily 575-751-7074
All your vaping supplies in Taos.

43.) Taos Artists Collective Lois Fernandez, owner
106A Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10-6 daily 575-751-7122
Art by an array of local Taos artists, each one of them take turns running the gallery.

Storefront of Taos Artists Collective, Michael McCormick & Son Gallery & Taos Studio Works

44.) Michael McCormick & Son Gallery established 1974 Michael McCormick, owner
106C Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10:30-7 575-758-1372
Fine Arts Consultant

46.) The Salon & Beauty Bodega/Mystic Visions Sculpture Studio established 1999 Pamela Rosenberg, owner
110B Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6
Offering services in custom hair design and overall indulgence in service. The Studio Gallery features carved Ostrich and Emu Eggs, done in high relief. Each piece is a unique fresh creation!

Placita of Taos Studio Works, The Salon & Beauty Bodega, Taos Tribe and The Lounge by Rolling Still Distillery

47.) Taos & Tribe established 2018 Karoline Sophie, owner
110B Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: Thurs-Mon 1-closing(?) 575-613-2831 
A unique boutique & gallery offering a well curated selection of bespoke clothing and accessories handmade by artisans from New Mexico, using upcycled, vintage, eco friendly, hand woven and hand-stitched materials, all one-of-a-kind. We blend culture, history, fashion, art and ideas for the forward thinking shopper. 

45 & 48.) The Lounge by Rolling Still Distillery established 2018 
110A&D Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 4-9:30 daily 575-613-0326
A Vodka distillery featuring cocktails and carefully created bites.

The Rock House location of Pat Woodall Fine Art & Southwest Framers

49.) Pat Woodall Fine Art & Southwest Framers Pat Woodall, owner
122 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Hours: 10-5 daily 575-770-0393
A working artist studio and frame shop located in 'The Rock House' one of the most unique buildings in Taos.

Historic Postcard of Foster's Cafe at the corner of Kit Carson Road now home of Copper Moon Gallery

I'd also like to point out that these 10 places in downtown Taos are listed on the National Historic Registry:
Taos Inn 
Kit Carson Home and Museum
Couse-Sharp Foundation
 E. Martin Hennings Home (private residence)
Mabel Dodge Luhan House
Gaspard House (private residence)
Morada de Nuestra Senora Guadalupe
Manby’s House (shops here include Donabe & Andean Software)
Historic Taos County Courthouse & Mural Room
and the Taos Downtown Historic District itself.

All photographs are my images, unless otherwise noted,
 I am grateful to the Beutler family for their permission to use a few historic photographs from their archives.