Monday, November 16, 2020

The Dearly Loved Alex Krutsky

 Alex Krutsky 1950-2020, a Tribute

Alex Krutsky with his cabinetry work in background

Alex Krutsky was an extraordinary craftsman of furniture and cabinetry who could pick up a twig and show you the potential it had to becoming something wonderful and useful. He got it, he had the vision of an alchemist to recognize the potential of simple objects and an appreciation for those objects. Whether he took a sheet of thinly sliced veneer and used it to accent the face of a wood working project or take the slice of a branch and turn it into a coat hook, he saw the potential. He saw the uniqueness and beauty in all of us and all around us.

Alex with his wife/life partner Maggie McNally

As a teacher, (at the North Bennet Street School 1985-2017 in Boston's North End) and I only saw him in the 'Little Italy' neighborhood  where I resided, from time to time leaving his class workshop, he must have seen this potential in his students as well. The ones who ‘got it’ and the ones who would carry on traditions that go back before all of us. 

Many have been touched by Alex, through his eyes he showed us the potential, again there's that word. Anytime I pick something up on my journeys, whether it be a piece of driftwood to transform into a ‘bird’ or a piece of rusty metal to add to an assemblage, there’s Alex looking over my shoulder and smiling. Those simple hooks he’d made of discarded branches that hang in his home where we all at one time or another hung our coats or hats from, they speak volumes about him.

A night out with Alex & Maggie fancy dinner party hosted by Bob White

Alex showed me that beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder, but that it’s up to the beholder to bring out that beauty and share it with the world.

Alex & Maggie at our wedding in Gloucester, MA

A Visionary, an Alchemist, a Master craftsman he created beautiful useful objects from scratch. He saw the potential in his friends and family, never judging, just listening to our own thoughts and ideas. 

We have much to live up to, thank you Alex Krutsky. 

On October 9, 2020 Alex Krutsky passed into the light, may he shine among the stars, he will forever be with us. 

Alex & Maggie enjoying a wonderful day together

For more about Alex this link is from the Boston Globe: