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Taos Tour 2014 Photographs

This photograph was taken on the way home from a doctor appointment, I noticed a coyote digging at prairie dog holes. I pulled the truck over and she began to slowly walk away. I posted it to Facebook where New Mexico Magazine noticed it. They shared it to their FB page on November 4, 2014 where it received 3,663 likes, 907 shares, 202 comments
 Here's what a few viewers said: 
"I will always love Taos and hope to see coyotes."
"Man I miss Taos!" "One of the reasons I Love Taos." "I'm going to plan a trip there if I can it is beautiful." "Love this I want to go now!"
 These photographs are a few of what I've taken this past year, some of which were taken as I toured professional Travel Writers around Taos. Some are from my daily outings in this little county of Taos. 
Taos is much more than a day trip, it can be quite an adventure. Whether you contact me for a tour or whether you just get yourself off the main roads and get a bit 'lost'. 
When I drive people around it's on the back roads, not to avoid traffic mind you but to see it.
Take the time to slow down and enjoy, to see Taos in all it's Beauty.
This small Pit House is difficult to take photos in, I figured out on my second visit that perhaps using the Pan mode on my cell phone camera would work best, which I believe it does.
 View from a single window in an abandoned Torreon, a large part of the wall has fallen and the roof is collapsing as well. I try to be safe especially when going into falling down structures, it's best to go with someone. This is a view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, this section we call the Picuris Mountain.
 I pass this Our Lady of Guadalupe roadside shrine on a regular basis, normally I take photos of her entirety, this time I cropped parts of her, this shot being the most powerful.
The Power of Prayer. 
Every time I walk into the Couse-Sharp Foundation on Kit Carson Road I take photographs there. Everywhere you turn there is another treasure in this wonderful collection.
Taos' Sacred Site, this is the location of where the wagon wheel broke when Blumenschein and Phillips were heading to Mexico past Taos. They settled in for quite a while and began one of the very first Artist Colonies in the US. 2015 is the Taos Art Colony 100th anniversary celebration.
It took 10 people 4 years to discover the exact location of this spot, that group is just a bit too old to visit this site any longer. The trail is scrambly and rough, I have begun trying to do my best to make it safer for visitors.
 With my wife on a drive we happened to see these cows lined up all in a row, a nice photo-op.
 The gracious Patricia Michaels of PM Waterlily and featured designer of Project Runway Season 11. 
I love listening to her speak, and look at that smile.
 I have been given generous access to many homes in Taos, amazing homes lovingly decorated in eclectic ways. I tell people if you have more than 3 of a particular thing, then you have a collection. Whether collectors of Folk Art, Religious Items, Art, Photographs, or just plain quirky I'm always up for a tour of Taos homes.
 I see a windmill and I want to see more, and more. I'd like to collect them!
 In the early 90's "Southwest Style" was all the rage and everyone had to have some sort of skull as decorative element. We sell lots and lots of skulls and antlers at Two Graces Plaza Gallery. Some we find, some we have pickers finding for us. Evidently skulls have made a big comeback for interior decorators, oh, and signs of all sorts we carry those as well.
 Springtime in a canyon. You may be on a trail that no one has been on in a very long time, or you may be on one that's quite popular. When you run into people out for a hike I've always found them to be polite. Often the question is, "How much farther?" That's usually me asking that!
I am a big fan of mushroom hunting in the mountains in late summer, you'd be amazed how many mushrooms you an find!
 A visit to Picuris Pueblo with travel writers from NYC. 
They too fell in love with Taos.
 Outside our Gallery from time to time our neighbors sponsor a Pueblo Pottery exhibit with actual demonstrations of Pottery making. 
 They say the light is different here. A whole lot of art going on, thus a whole lot of art galleries.
 Reflecting on an old Pick-up Truck with Taos Blue Mountain.
 National Geographic Travel writer Jeannette Swain/Kimmel interviewing Tony Rena at his shop located on the highway towards Taos Pueblo.
 Taos Pueblo Tour, this summer they had 3 and 4 tours running at a time. 
I also give a private tour of Taos Pueblo with Lunch at Mary Esther Winters delicious "Adobe Cafe". 
 Deterioration of an Horno Oven and of the early Pueblo Church.
The contemporary Pueblo Church, a good meeting spot if you lose some of your group.
 Classic Southwest Pickup Truck with the Dixon Mountain in the background at the Vivac Winery. 
My absolute favorite winery in Northern New Mexico.
 San Francisco de Asis Church, the Church that is famous for the Back Buttresses. 
Here a young peoples art class visits before a storm.
 Young Pueblo Eagle Dancers showing their skills in the Plaza.
 Beloved Taos artist Peggy Immel painting Fall colors in Pilar by the Rio Grande.
 Dia de los Muertos as piled into the back of a car. 
I'm often asked, why all the imagery of skulls. 
Death is always with us, remember the loved ones who have passed away.
You did not hear it from me first, but I will repeat it time and time again: Location Location Location!
 Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, each Fall after the big Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta a small group of balloon enthusiasts visit Taos and take us for a ride.
 One of the Great Petroglyph Sites in the American Southwest, (right here in Taos) 
depiction of a journey towards water, in this case the Taos Blue Lake.
 Everyone stops at Sopyn's on the way to Taos from Santa Fe, don't miss her fruit stand.
As I reach the end of this post I'd like to say Thank You to Seamus Mills for teaching me to look harder and at different angles and perspectives. 
Seamus tells me I've taught him to wander that extra 200 feet and discover a few things just over that ridge.
Seamus Mills Photo, shared on New Mexico Magazine Facebook page after I shared it.
Oct. 28, 2014 over 90 shares, 1,052 likes 24 comments
Here are a few of those comments:                                                
"Seems we never tire of photos of Rancho de Taos church"  "This one is a beauty"  "Love this perspective" 
"Good job! One of my favorite places in NM. Lovely capture"  "Thanks for sharing. Love this take on an oft-photographed (and painted) place!"
If You'd Like a Tour of Taos from a Back Roads/Off the Beaten Track Perspective, please contact me through the gallery, contact info is provided on this blog. I work on specific itineraries for Travel Writers or Curious Visitors to give the best possible tour of the Taos area suited to their interests.
I use my cell phone camera which is an IPhone 5S to take photographs. To me I'm just documenting the things I see here in my life.
All photographs are copyright Robert Cafazzo 2014

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