Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping at Two Graces Vol. 2

Inside doorway entrance to Two Graces, with our very heartfelt ThankYou and array of Holy Cards over the Taos blue door.

Hopi Matchstick Cross, typically Matchstick crosses aren't made by Native Americans, they were made in the Bible Summer Camps. WHY someone would have an Arts & Crafts project of burning boxes of matches with children is beyond me. When I was teaching at an arts oriented Summer Camp for a few years this sort of thing would have surely gotten me fired. Well, maybe they're trying to teach about "Fire & Brimstone" or something of that nature???
This one with the Hopi Sunface carved and painted original to the piece matches glued onto an old cardboard poster ca. 1960's is 7 1/2" wide and tall is SOLD

A signed Ford Ruthling Metal Cut-out Indian Headband with blue paint. This piece was nailed onto Mr. Ruthling's Garden door. He is a well known Santa Fe artist at times leaning towards Folk Art. The garden was featured in the book Behind Adobe Walls the Hidden Homes and Gardens of Santa Fe and Taos a great example 17 1/2" x 6" priced at SOLD

A TRUE New Mexico Retablo of The Virgin of Guadalupe, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe 1820-1850's by the "Quill Pen Santero" so called for his little scribbles along the sides of most of his paintings and the black outlines, with illegible stickers on the back, from an old Taos collection. True Quill Pen Retablos are always rather "Chipped" this also lends credence to this unique piece of Taos Santero artistry. This is very reminiscent of an Aragon painting but is not, on a 1/4" wooden board, size 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" Sold

These 2 retablos are great examples. Each quite different, either of which will add a wonderful Spirituality to your home whether a Religious person or not.

Santo Nino the seated Christ Child, is known to wander at night looking for your lost articles, he will find them for you but when he does you must present him with a new pair of shoes left at his altar.
Santo Nino de Atoche Tin Retablo from Mexico mid 1900's, from an old Taos family collection
10" x 7" Sold

Angel Wall Shelf Wood Carved, 11" wide. Probably from Mexico. Painted to look like Terra Cotta, but surprisingly wooden Sold

Wood Carved Golden Angel wall hanging with hand facing up for good fortune holding a bundled child, probably from Guatemala, possibly Mexico 10" wide SOLD

Two Sided Carved Wooden Angel Gabriel with gray wash paint on blue & white base, probably made in Guatemala 16" x 8" Sold

A collection of 3 vintage Ice Cream Molds ca. 1918-1930
I thought these were chocolate molds when I first saw them, then I found an antiques shop on Canyon Road in santa Fe with a whole case display of them where they were for sale at $200-$350., needless to say Two graces prices are considerably better the Cupid & Heart 3" wide
E & Co, New York marking with patent mark SOLD

Victorian era 3 part shoe (or is it Edwardian) 6 1/2" wide patent No. 899A E & Co. for the top piece which is separate and looks like a hat to still be with this makes it extremely rare SOLD

Which came first the chicken or the egg?
This Hen Ice Cream Mold 3 1/2" wide is marked S & Co. Patent No. 173 SOLD

We Thank You Very Much for taking the time to shop at Two Graces, with a big happy wave of the paw from our collection of Lucky Cats, (NFS).

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  1. what treasures!! I am drooling in lust... the retablo and the Santo Nino and the chocolate molds are sensational!!! great finds!!