Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I like LA food & drink

Above the Skull Vodka bottle at Renee's. Yes, LA has wonderful food! The first night, not so great as I've said earlier, but the next night we went to Mario Battalli's Pizzeria Mozza with HH, it's on N.Highland not to be confused with Osteria Mozza which is the sister store next door on the corner, we got them confused. We stopped at Amoeba Records to shop & pick HH up, what a place, and there's an upstairs, vinyl old school records, CD's, DVD's, if you're looking for it, it's there somewhere, amazing, look up the website, that's what HH does for them, webdesign, amazing. Since we couldn't reach Mozza on the phone we headed over there and were seated at the bar, no rez/no table policy. Dolce d'Alba wine, 2 pizzas, one with Fungi, one with prosciutto, apps. of HOT olives heated in the woodstove and a bowl of mussells. Dessert of pudding, everything was delicious, and with it being HH birthday and his fiance away on a Jaimie Oliver gig in W.Virginia, we had a nice birthday celebration. Afterward HH took us to an indie bookstore called "Family" GO THERE, it's specializes in Art Books and Indie Comics, GO THERE.
Crabs in the case of SM Seafood, my Dad would have loved it, I'd have said he'd have been in heaven but I know he is. The next night we got together with P&MMcD, they took us to a place called Renee's, it's a bar that they like to go to and enjoy a Martini, all sorts of them mixed with vodka straight out of a crystal skull head. I almost jumped over the bar to get one of those skulls! Delicious-o, then over to Musha for Tokyo Cusine, OH MY YUM, GO THERE. A filetted side of Mackerel is served on a Banana Leaf to your table where the waiter comes over with a BLOW TORCH and lights it up to perfection, dipping sauce and wasabi and away you go, Poke Tuna and more fired up fish dried Skate Wing was cooked on a hollowed out stone with burning embers placed inside it, P took care of cooking this delicacy up for all of us. Egads could there be more, YUP, then P&MMcD took us to a Taqueria for an assortment of Tacos, duck, lamb & beef, with a couple of Margaritas in me I was lit up needless to say.
Above formerly the place where the mackerel was presented. Last day in LA and still drunk from the night before, even in college I never got that wasted! We went to Santa Monica Seafood, where an enormous case of fresh fish awaits you're devouring. I tried to explain to a woman at the counter how to cook sardines but when she told me she was making it for her baby, I tried to talk her out of it. This was her or someone's idea probably someone on a website like Goop, for healthy baby food!
We sat in the cafe where a young woman came over with a big "HELLO, how are you guys" thatmade us feel like we've been there a million times before, nope a first but a nice trick and cudos to her for a great future acting career. After that she could do no wrong. we ordered Oysters, Fish Chowder, and Fish & Chips, perfect for the land of hangover I was experiencing still, and delicious, may I have seconds please.
HH above trying out the Dolce D'Alba (at Mozza), which by the way Il Piatto in Santa Fe serves, (go there too). Thank you to our friends in LA. My idea of friendship is that I consider you a friend when I have had the opportunity to sit down and eat with you, conversation, food and a bit of drink(even if it's just a Coke)=Great Friends, so thank you all.

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