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Selections from the Estate of Pat Wolf now at Two Graces, 105 Barela Lane, Taos

Pat Wolf was a watercolor artist in the art colony of Taos, New Mexico. When a visitor asked where they could see watercolor artworks in Taos, they meant,’Where can we see the watercolors of Pat Wolf.’ The answer of course was a visit to Wilder Nightingale Fine Art on Kit Carson Road, which represented Pat for many years. Her artwork can only be described as ‘Iconic’. They were immediately recognizable as the masterworks we all knew and loved here in Taos. Paintings of carefully rendered flowers, the paintings of lilies always come to mind, and of adobe walls or cliffside petroglyphs full of light and color. That may sound like paintings by O’Keeffe, but how un-O’Keeffe-like they were. Instead, they are the unique and individual paintings of Pat Wolf. 

On January 1, 2020, Pat Wolf stepped into the light. Word spread of her passing quickly among the Taos artist community as a great loss, sadness ensued. She knew, we knew, she was ready for it and went peacefully and gracefully.

As a supporter of artists and craftspeople she collected and accumulated objects of art she loved. Mexican Folk Art, Crosses, Navajo Folk Art, South American Folk Art, Dia de los Meurtos objects, Kachina Doll Carvings, Navajo Weavings, Pueblo Pottery, Artworks by Jim Wagner, R.C. Gorman, J.K. Lamkin and Fritz Scholder. Visiting her at either of the environments she created whether the Albuquerque residence or her home in Taos, you couldn’t take it all in. The more you looked, the more you saw. A true collector with a love of the artworks she collected and curated in her homes. 

View of interior with collections

Now that she has passed the family would like to offer some of her collection to the public a bit at a time. We hope that each of you will find something here just as special to you as these objects were to her. Please take a look and let us know what you'd like to acquire, everything is priced affordably and reasonably. These are the items that are available to the public now exclusively at Two Graces, 105 Barela Lane in the Taos Historic District. By April (possibly towards the end of March) we will be holding an estate sale of the other items in the home here in Taos. 

Jim Wagner Shallow Relief Carving of Santo Nino 9.5” x 19” tall (Wagner's religious works are extremely rare) $350.

Jim Wagner Shallow Relief carving of Dancing Indian with Tomahawk 7.5” x 9.25” w Crucifixion drawing on verso $295.

Jim Wagner Pottery Kachina Mask Wall Sconce w light fixture 9.25” x 16.5” $250.

Jim Wagner watercolor of Santo Nino framed 8.5” x 10.5”, image size 3.25” x 5.25” $195.

Jim Wagner Watercolor of Christ Portrait framed 8.5” x 10.25”, 3” x 5” $195. 
Jim Wagner belongs to Taos. Wagner continues to create his autobiography of Taos, playing with motifs that have occurred on and off again throughout his life. No one paints a culture in the same way that Wagner does.“It's faith. I knew everything was going to be all right”. When I once pointed out that his work was a unique style of regional folk art he paused, then replied, “You just may have opened up a whole new market for me.” Wagner’s story is well documented in the book, “Jim Wagner, Taos, An American Artist”, by Stephen Parks along with a semi fictitious account “The Painter” by Peter Heller .

Bernadette Track, Taos Pueblo Micaceous clay pot, hand-built, traditionally pit-fired, adorned with beads and parrot feathers. 6” across x 3.25” tall $75. “We go by the earth and the stars. That is what dictates our lives and our ceremonies on the Pueblo. There are times when I have to leave my work at the university. Sometimes it’s difficult to straddle both worlds, but it is important.”

Pueblo Unpainted Storyteller polished red clay signed #4 on underside 7” tall $95.

Rick Loewenkamp Avanyu crackle glaze pot 7.25” across x 4.25” tall $50.

Navajo Mud Toy Mamie Deschellie 
Santa Claus Riding a Rooster 4” tall $50.
Mamie is recognized as one of the ‘superstars’ of contemporary Navajo folk art. Born on July 7, 1920 in the small sheep-herding village of Burnham, NM.  She learned to weave Navajo rugs and raise sheep. Mamie went a bit further creating a new folk art form of mud toys and cardboard cutouts. In addition to making mud toys, she also made figurines out of cardboard and scrap fabrics. She is the first and only Navajo to create this unique style of  cardboard folk art.

Navajo Mud Toy Elsie Benally Sheep 3” tall x 3.5” length $35.

Navajo Mud Toy Elsie Benally Woman Rider on Black Horse 5” x 6” $45.
Navajo Mud Toy Elsie Benally Man Rider on Brown Horse 5” x 6” $45.
Elsie is one of two Navajo artists who independently revived the art of making "mud toys" in the 1980s. These toys are shaped by hand from native clay, then dried in the sun. Elsie then paints each piece and adds other features such as hair, for which she uses sheep wool of various natural colors. Elsie appears in the essential book on Navajo folk art, "Navajo Folk Art, the People Speak", by Chuck and Jan Rosenak.

Navajo Sandstone Truck w Pig cargo 5.25” length x 2” tall $30.

Navajo Sack Cloth Doll handmade ca. 1980 with sequins and bead enhancements 15” tall $45.

Yei Bi Chai Navajo Kachina cottonwood root carving by Edward Begay 7.5” tall $95.

Vernon Mansfield, Sun Clan Hopi Pueblo, Shungopavi, Second Mesa, Az. Shalako Male & Female 12” tall, traditional "Old Style” Kachina Doll Pair $350.

Frank Royal Tableta Maiden 13” tall $75.

Tarahumara Shallow Relief Animal tableau featuring Lama, Fox Donkey, Fox & Goat 10.5” x 3.5” $20.

Tarahumara Santo
A wonderful whimsical folk art carved bark doll from the Native American Tarahumara people of Northwest Mexico. A chip carved man holding a cross with an abstract eagle figure on head. 11” tall $50.

Peruvian Milagro Shadow Box 6.25" x 9.25" (it weighs 4 pounds). Each piece is carved of a local Andean stone, then rubbed with pigment. They are very solidly attached to the inside of this box of which the leather hinged doors on it close nicely. St. Francis at bottom left with skull in hand to remind us that death is always with us, bottom right looks like St. Peter because of the way he is holding himself. Top Center is the Rose of Lima Santa Maria.

Oaxaca Folk Art Angel Carving w staff 8” tall $35.

Moses by Joseph Archueleta 14” tall $35.

St. Francis holding a Robin by E Ivie 9.5” tall $50.

St. Francis Guatemalan Carving 12.5” tall $30.

Our Lady of San Juan Mexican carving 16” tall $75.

St. Michael Taos Bulto in the style of Patricinio Barela by Archie Espinosa 1969, 10” tall $95.

Tin Nicho with Guatemalan Worry Dolls 9” tall, dolls are each 3” tall SOLD

Sacred Heart Cross mounted onto a Cholla Cactus Base Benedictine Monks of Mexico 5.5” Tall SOLD

‘Dragonfly’ style Cross with memory assemblage 8” tall $20.

San Juan Pueblo Pottery Cross by Norman de Herrera 5.5” x 5.5”  SOLD

Gilded Gold Mexican Cross on tiered base 10.5” x 4.75” SOLD

Guardian Angel carving 7” x 5.5” $45.

Pozzi Franzetti, Taos Kokopelli 3” round disc $10.

Assemblage Rusted Tobacco Tin with embellishments 5.5” x 7” signed B.O. $30.

Fiesta Bouquet, Mexico with Tin ornaments and paper Flowers 14.5” wide x 18” tall $35.

Dog wearing Cowboy Boots, rusted tin 7” x 9” $20.

Mexican Pottery Horse ‘Piggy’ Banks signed H ca 1970’s 5.5” tall x 5.5” length Pair $45.

View of interior w 'ratable' painting by Taos artist Charles Stewart.

Pat Wolf biographical information thanks to Rob Nightingale.
To see her artworks please refer to the Wilder/Nightingale Fine Art website link here:

Pat Wolf Lily Painting available at Wilder Nightingale

“My watercolors have been deeply influenced by the powerful light and color of the Southwest. The work is nature-oriented-even the adobe pueblos and churches, because they come from the earth; an extension of nature.
My concern has been to present an interplay of dark and light, positive and negative, along with a strong interest in texture and surface in such a way as to heighten the visual impact. Well saturated colors, define edges and rather dense compositions are a very important element along with the abstract development of shapes. All of the compositions are conceived and executed as a balance and play of shapes and colors up until the very precise details are added to give it sharp focus and depth.
The technique used in my watercolors breaks many of the traditional rules of the media, but has evolved as a personal statement to achieve the impact I wish to portray. My interest in textures has led me to develop a process, in the development of the desired bold shapes, of blotting and lifting colors with paper towels and brushes. Areas that have the color removed in this way acquire texture, depth and translucency, due to the rich remaining stain. This kind of color cannot be obtained by pre-mixing paint. I then work with dark colors and dark edges to give the work depth.  The very last thing I do is to work with details.
To me the exciting challenge of watercolor is the visualization of the finished painting, accepting, using, changing the limitations of the media, and being experimental with the technique. . . .” Pat Wolf

View of interior with collections

Post-Graduate study, The University of Kansas, Pittsburg State University,
Adams State College
MS in Visual Art Education, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
BFA, Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS

View of interior with collections including Jim Wagner shallow relief carved cabinet

Director/Instructor, Taos Watercolor Workshop, Adams State College, Alamosa, CO
Dean of Liberal Arts, Northland Pioneer College, Holbrook, AZ
Division Director, Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences, Northland Pioneer College, AZ
Instructional Leader, Painted Desert Campus, Northland Pioneer College, AZ
Interactive Video Network Instructor, Northland Pioneer College, AZ
Art Department Chair and Instructor, Northland Pioneer College,AZ
Director of Visual Arts, Stables Art Center, Taos, NM 
Continuing Education Art Instructor, Johnson County Community College, KS
Art Department Chair/Instructor, Shawnee Mission West High School, KS
Art Instructor, Central Junior High School, KS
Art Instructor, Sherman Junior High School, KS

View of interior collections with Pat Wolf painting (family collection)

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (*denotes awards)
Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos, NM
Susan Wilder Fine Art, Taos, NM 
The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
American Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, New York, NY
*National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, CA
*The Marietta National, Marietta College, Marietta, OH
Washington & Jefferson National Painting Show, Washington, PA
*Watercolor USA, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO
Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, Golden, CO
*San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition, CA
*Tri-State Watercolor Exhibition, Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS
*Aqueous National Watercolor Exhibition, KY
*New Mexico International, Clovis, NM 
*Artists in Watercolour Competition, New York, NY
*Kansas Artists' Postcard Series, Association of Community Arts, KS
*West Texas Watercolor Association National, The Museum, Lubbock, TX
*FACET Gallery, Taos, NM
Mid-Four Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Nelson Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO
*The Connoisseur, Arts Council of Johnson County, KS
Stables Art Center, Taos, NM
Midwest Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, WI
Mulvane Art Center, Topeka, KS
*Heritage, Kansas City Museum, Kansas City, MO

Arrott Art Gallery, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

View of entry way with altar