Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Navajo Folk Art Mud Toys Mamie Deschellie & Elsie Benally at Two Graces

Navajo Mud Toys

Mamie Deschellie (Deschillie) & Elsie Benally

ca. 1980-90’s

This is our current inventory of Navajo Folk Art Mud Toys (10/13/20)

Navajo Folk Art Toys, specifically unfired clay animal figures painted with tempera paint were made by Mamie Deschellie (of Fruitland near Farmington, NM) and Elsie Benally (of Sweetwater, AZ), (Rose Herbert is another mud toy artist), starting around 1983. 

Large Tiger with Turquoise Eyes $50. Mamie Deschellie

Second View of Tiger Close-up

Lion with beaded forehead and Mane $50. Mamie Deschellie

Santa Riding Chicken $50. (signed MD) Mamie Deschellie

Santa Riding Cow (signed MD) Mamie Deschellie

(Santa Riding a Cow has been acquired)

Gray Panther Tiger $50. (signed MD) Mamie Deschellie

Small Tiger $50. (signed MD) Mamie Deschellie

Elephant $50. (signed MD) Mamie Deschellie

M.D. signature of Mamie Deschellie

Cowboy on Horseback $50. Mamie Deschellie

Zebra $50. Mamie Deschellie

Big Shabby Lion w Teeth Mamie Deschellie

(The Shabby Lion has been acquired)

Second View of Big Shabby Lion w Teeth (NA)

Alligator $50. Mamie Deschellie

Navajo Woman w Chicken $50. Mamie Deschellie

Navajo Folk Artist Mamie Deschellie (1920-2010)

White Buffalo $35. Elsie Benally

Santa Riding Alligator $50. Elsie Benally

Donkey Pack Animal $50. Elsie Benally

Sheep, Elsie Benally (the sheep has been acquired, thank you)

Sandstone Pickup Truck w 2 Pigs $30.

Sandstone Spotted Horse $20.

Cardboard & Velvet Navajo Woman Riding Horse $150. Mamie Deschellie

Second View of Cardboard Navajo Woman Riding Horse 

Mud Toy availability is quite limited, the mud toys are quite fragile and susceptible to damage, perhaps this makes them rare and more and more difficult to come by. Mud Toys are dried in the sun, they are not fired to harden the clay, then painted with flat bright tempera paints. 

Inspiration for these artists comes from Children’s Books, Circus Animals and animals on the Navajo Reservation. Occasionally Mamie would make up a magical animal out of her imagination. The Navajo People are believed to have used the toys as early as 1880. Mud Toys have similar characteristics to clay animal fetish figures used by the people of nearby Pueblos in Arizona and New Mexico, often they were left at shrine sites, later to wear away in the wind and elements where they would melt back into Mother Earth.

Deschellie is also known for her Cardboard Animal Figures she called ‘Cutouts’ of the same topics as her mud toys. We have one listed here of a Navajo Woman on Horseback.

For me these figures are reminiscent of the figures of wire and found objects by Alexander Calder for his “Calder’s Circus” in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Every bit as whimsical and filled with wonder, in particular the circus animals, these are now desirable to collectors everywhere.

In 1990 I came upon the cutout cardboard figures created by Mamie Deschellie in a Trading Post shop in Aztec, NM (near Farmington), there I purchased as many cutouts as they had giving them as gifts for friends who still cherish them (as I do) to this day.

Works by both Deschellie and Benally are in the permanent collections of major American Museums.

True Folk Art is rarely signed, pressure in the market place has forced many artists to include their signature. When looking at these figures you begin to notice significant differences between the two women artists. Folk Art styles are unique to the individual artists who make them.

Both Deschellie and Benally are listed in the book “Navajo Folk Art; the People Speak”, by Chuck and Jan Rosenak.

Mud Toy Sizes range from 2.5” - 6’ in length

Mamie Deschellie with a pair of large cardboard figures

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We ship throughout the United States.

A side note: from time to time I do restoration on Mud Toys, if you have a cherished figure please reach out about my restoration service. It's best to send an email that includes a photo of the damage or what might be missing such as a leg or an ear.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Whimsical Rusty Gold of Pozzi Franzetti Updated

 Pozzi (Rosemary) Franzetti (1953-2012) 

We are grateful that so many of you have found this post and made purchases. 

We are currently upgrading our website to facilitate purchases in a much more efficient way by adding a shopping cart and easy check out. 

Until then it is still best to come by Two Graces in the Taos Historic District at 105 Barela Lane just off Kit Carson Road.

Calling us with your order request and payment information is the best and fastest way to receive a response of what is available. 

575-770-5580 (between 10-5 Mountain Time)

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We will get back to you asap and ask that you then call with shipping and payment information.

We ship throughout the United States.

Thank You

Pozzi Franzetti Business Card Logo

This blog post has been edited and updated as of October 14, 2020
(225 items available!)
Switch Plate & Outlet Plate Covers have Always been $35. each no matter which size or style.

Pozzi Franzette Big Horn Sheep/Ram 
Double Outlet Covers
Triple Rocker Switchplate Covers 
$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Dancing Pigs 

Double Rocker Switchplate Covers

Double Outlet Cover 

Five Switch Plate Cover 

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti When Pigs Fly 

Double Switch Plate Cover $35.

Pozzi Franzetti Roping Cowboy w Horse Double Push Plate Cover

Bucking Bronco Cowboy Double Outlet Cover & Double Switch Plate

$35. ea

Pozzi Franzetti Horse Looking over its Back 

Triple Switch Plate 

Double Outlet Cover

Double Switch Plate Cover

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Horse on Hill Double Switch Plate Cover $35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Horse Single Switch Plate 

Double Switch Plate

Triple Switch Plate

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Rolly Polli Cat Single Switch Plate Covers $35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Walking Cat Double Switch Plates $35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Triple Rocker Switch Plate Cover 

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Corn Maiden Double Outlet Cover

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Moving Men Double Switch Plate Cover

Single Switch Plate Cover

Double Outlet Cover with Single Switch 

Triple Switch Plate Cover

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Tea-Off Golfer Single Switchplate

Putting Golfer Single Switchplate

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Wine & Dine Couple Double Switch Plate Cover

'Fainting Spell Couple' Switch Plate/Outlet Cover

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Horned Ogre 

Double Rocker Switch Plate Cover

Double Outlet Cover 

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Pueblo Cloud 

Five Switch Plate

Double Switch with Outlet

Double Outlet

Double Switch Plate

Double Rocker Switch Plate Cover

$35. each

Pozzi Franzetti Jonah in the Whale 

Single Switch Plate Cover $35. each

Bucking Horse Hurricane Shaker 14" tall


Coyote Skier on Base 14” tall $75.

Skier Hurricane Shaker 16" tall $75.

Small Kokopelli Earthquake Shakers 9" tall $75.

Classic Kokopelli Hurricane Shaker 17" tall $125.

Noah & the Whale on base 11” tall $50. ea

Frogger Earthquake Shaker 14" tall


Petroglyph Movers carrying sign standing on base 9.5” wide $75. 

Earthquake Shaker Cheap Trick Guitar Player 13.5" tall $95.

Cheap Trick Guitar Player on Base 10.5" tall


Earthquake Shaker Golf Swing 17.5” $75.

Earthquake Shaker Basketball Player $75. 12.5” tall

Tennis Champ standing on base 11.5" tall $25.

Tennis Player Woman $35.

Angel w Heart garden stand on rod (Total Length 44" tall) $50.

Kosher Kokopelli Garden Stand (with original faded paint) 26.5" tall (not counting rod stand)


LARGE Kokopelli w Child Wall hanger 33" tall $150.

Medium Kokopelli 22" tall $50.

Kokopelli w Child 16.5" tall $75.

Rasta Kokopelli $75.

Rasta Kokopelli Wall Hanger16" tall $50. signed and dated 1991

Arms Up Buffalo Horned Petroglyphs ‘window’ 13” x 20” $50.

Friendly Alien Petroglyph $35.

Number One Corn Pattern Headdress Petroglyph 12" tall $35.

Peaceful Indian Brave with outstretched arm 8.5" tall 
at top $20. without detail work
at bottom with detail work $25.

Peaceful Indian Brave with Outstretched arm 18" tall $50. each

Peaceful Indian Brave with outstretched arm (curled hand) 18" tall $50.

Corn pattern headdress Reaching Petroglyph 25" tall $75.

Smiling Petroglyph with raised Arms 9" $20.

Corn Maiden Double Rainbow Petroglyphs
(These look great mounted on each side of an entryway)
Small 8" tall $25. each
Large 12" tall $35. each

Koshare Skate Boarders 8” x 11.5” $35. each

Arms Raised Laughing Coyotes $35. each

Rasta Children 
Large 14.5" tall $35. each
Medium 8" tall $15.
Small 6.5" tall $10.

Milagro Bean Field Wars Dancing Man 15" tall $35.

Ed Sandoval Walking Man w Staff 11.5" tall $25.

Frogger 10.5" tall $25.

Dragon Disc $25. each

Sheep & Goat $18. each

Butterfly $8.
Pig $18.

Horse Bucking 8” x 10.5” $25.

Laughing Horse with mounting base 12" tall $35.

Coyote Free-Style Ski 14" tall $30.

Cupid 7" width $25. each

Mountain Biker with wind it their back 17" tall $30.

Low Rider car 19" width $35.

Fish Small 6.5" width , Medium 9" width $15., Large 12" width $20.

Seahorse 10.5" tall $10. each

Seal 10" width $10.

Smiling Faces 5.5" x 6" $15. each 

Small Smiling Face $10.

Antlered Smiling Petroglyphs $10. each

Abstract Petroglyphs Arms Up $10. each

Rock N Roll Guitar Players

Cheap Trick 10.5" tall $35.

Wayne's World Dude 12.5" tall $25. each

Maple Leaf  7”  $20.

Oak Leaf 9” $20. 

Leaves on branches, Leaf and Feet $5. each

Random smalls Wings, Waves, Spiral, Dinosaur Bird Footprint $5. each

Leaf Round Cutout 6.5” $20. 

Kokopelli Round Cutout $10.

Walking Woman $15.

Long Spiral 10” wide $20.

Abstract Tree 7.5" tall $20.

Spiral Long 10" wide $20.

Abstract hand 12.5” $20.

Brancusi/Picasso Abstract Dove 14" across $20.

Abstract Symmetrical 7.5” x 8.5” $25.

Abstract A-symmetrical 13” x 9” $20.

Small Star 5” $5. Large Star 6.5” $10.

Millicent Rogers Style 'Walking Star" 7" tall $15.

Abstract Tree 7.5” x 7.5” $20.

Small Heart 2.5” x 2.5” $5.

Large Heart 16.5” x 7” $25.

Medium Heart 2.5” x 2.5” $15.

Abstracts $5.each

Abstract cloud with outstretched arms 11" x 19.5" $25.

Cloud Cutout 13" x 15.5" $50.

Abstract Cutout 10" x 13.5" $30.

Cloud Cross 9" x 3" $20.

Abstract cloud 7" x 10" $10.

Abstract Cloud cutout $20

23" wide Pozzi Koshare (Pueblo Clown) Weathervane $125.

Cowboy Cookout Coffee 7 Cup Holder 21.5" wide $125.

Magpie Toilet Paper Holders $35.


Frog Business Card Holders $25. each


Coffee Table based on Mimbres pottery design Fish tail, with 27" glass top, 23' Height $350.

Timbres Pottery Design which Coffee Table is based on.

Rooftop Candle Sconce, 48" length $50.




Rooftop Candle Sconce, 48" length $50.



Settling in to Taos, New Mexico in the mid 80’s, Pozzi Franzetti created some of the most loved sculpture available here. 

Over the next thirty years Pozzi created ‘Jo-Mama’s Pot Pies', but later what she was best known for was ‘Franzetti Metal Works’ which became a sensation. 

In the late 80's Pozzi also took the time to teach welding classes to Taos youngsters at her ‘art camp’ in a small corner of Metric Motors. From the stories I've been told they were in awe of her.

The Earthquake Detectors (or Hurricane Detectors), are flat figures on a ‘spring’ which rock when the ground shakes or the wind blows. These are some of the most coveted garden ornaments around, rarely available, prices for these have ballooned to $200. and up for a small one. 

We have priced everything currently in stock quite fairly and much lower than what is available from any other sources. 

At one point Franzetti metal works were the number one seller through 

Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalogue. 

She even sold her work through the Home Shopping Network. 

She was always selling at area craft fairs, where her booth was the most popular. 

Pozzi Franzetti made art that you could live with, which often had a functionality to it along with a fun lighthearted sense of whimsy. 

We call them Rusty-Gold and purchase them for our shop whenever possible. 

We’ve even sold the ones out of our home to visitors who’ve insisted that we share these treasures. Normally we are lucky to have 1 or 2 of Pozzi Franzetti sculptures, at this time we are honored to have many available. 

It's a Pozzi-Palozza!

Pozzi Franzetti created quite a unique niche in the world of Taos Art, her works are everywhere around Taos and across the country.

There may be imitators out there but what we've selected are the last of the best.

There are light switch covers and wall sculptures of petroglyphs, dancing figures and anything that struck her fancy. 

For years a Franzetti light switch cover was the perfect gift for any new home owner, they brought magic to a room. Light-switch covers could be inspired by Native American Petroglyphs, sports figures, pigs, rams, cats, or neighing horses.

The Light Switch and Outlet Covers are our number one selling item from our shop, please check with us for current inventory.

Pozzi Franzetti Gouache Abstract on paper.

This was acquired some time ago.

Gateway at Van Vechten Lineberry Home

Somewhere off the High Road to Taos a farm has used Franzetti 'blanks' in an imaginative way for fencing.

A few photos of the Pozzi Franzetti Studio Yard Production
At one time Pozzi was producing more artwork than anyone in Taos
The studio yard is now virtually empty

Here are 2 examples of a stamped Signature and occasionally she'll have added a signed engraving