Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Long Last... I'm Back!

Thank you all for continuing to find us at Two Since the multiple Heart Attacks I've had a difficult time remembering certain things, (not everything) mostly I have No Idea what Passwords I'd been using. Rather than stress about it, I've managed to ignore it all and move on, yet that means I have not had access to the Blogspot for Two Graces, which had been quite, quite frustrating.
Due to circumstances recently I got a new Iphone the 5S, not the new 6 or whatever they are up to now, and as I've been setting the new phone up, I have discovered that I could get into my two graces blog account!!!
So here I am, and there's a whole lot to catch up on.
Yesterday the book by my niece Izy Hossack of Top with Cinnamon was released in the US, officially! A big warm hearted congratulations to her!!!!
Before I forget to mention: IF I lose this Two Graces blogspot thing again, you will find my postings at Taos Love blogspot or at Taos Art Gallery Blogspot.
Last February we were given a very generous gift of an overnight stay at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Resort nearby to Taos, by Wendi Gelfound. I have been remiss Not to write about that visit here due to the password problems, old dead email and so on. I plan to indeed update you on that visit asap, or once I get back into the writing spirit. For now I will say that I love visiting Ojo Caliente and that the Arsenic Pool in particular seems to have washed away most of the pain from the after effects of my heart surgery (3 stents).

By the way, another reason I've stayed away from writing anything at all is because the heart condition dwells on me very heavily and continues to be at the front of my mind whenever I do sit down to write.

This past year I was asked to help as a private contractor to the Griffin and Associates team (of Albuquerque) who have worked for the Town of Taos in marketing Taos as a place for visitors to indeed visit. My job was to work with Travel Writers visiting Taos and give them tours of things they'd be interested in. As I quickly discovered each writer would like a scoop, to write from a different angle than any other writer. To not cover what everyone else has already covered is extremely difficult. Mostly Taos had been marketed as a day Trip from Santa Fe, but what I strove to do was to show writers that Taos is Much, Much more than a day trip that the diversity is here indeed and that anyone visiting could discover any number of new things to do here year after year.
To All, each and everyone of you that I was fortunate to be given time with, showing you my version, my personal journey of Taos, I Thank You all. You have taught me a great deal, about writing, about Taos, about people, thank you so very much. YOU know who you are, and you know how much it meant to me to be in Your company.

In saying that I gave tours to Travel Writers, that is correct, I did and no longer work for Griffin and Associates. My time with them has been over since the end of May. Yet I still take people on Tours of Taos, specializing in backroads, off the beaten track itineraries and the sights to be seen here in Taos, for specialized tours with visitors. 
My half day rate is 4-5 hours with a fee of $125.
Full day rate 8-9 hours is $200. 
In your vehicle, otherwise there is an added $60. fee for me to drive you.
The hourly rate is $40. per hour.
Recently my family visited Taos from London, my sister requested that we do things they had never done before. She was impressed that we were able to visit amazing places, that indeed she had not seen before!
Next on the calendar for Holly and I is to attend the docent dinner this evening at the Couse-Sharp Foundation. 
Then on October 11, 2014 we have been asked to be in Spearman, Texas to show our artwork for a School arts program fundraiser. They open a few homes who host artists and their work, the locals of Spearman visit and meet the artists for a small admission fee. We hope that this is a big success for Spearman and we are honored to be guests. We'll be bringing a nice selection of our paintings.

Overall it's been a difficult year here in Taos, but we keep trudging along. Please support the Artists and Galleries here that contribute to making Taos a lovely destination for all. I know that visitors do support the places to stay here and the restaurants, but please don't forget the shop owners who make it worth visiting here. Just a simple purchase and a friendly gesture can make someone's day a little brighter. 

I know that people find us through this Two Graces blog, which was originally the main purpose of it, we thank you for continuing to visit us here in Taos at the Gallery and online at
You will also find us on facebook at Two Graces Plaza Gallery
Our phone number is 575-758-4101
My correct email to reach me is
Our physical address is Two Graces Plaza Gallery 68 St. Francis Church Plaza in Ranchos de Taos, 4 miles south of the center of Taos, (just a few blocks south of the intersection to 518).
For those of you inquiring about Kachina Repairs, start with sending photos, I will get back to you.