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Shopping at Two Graces Vol. 9: Vintage Curios and Antiques

This post is inspired by our recent inclusion in the Taos News Tempo section "Wish List". The response of which has been tremendous, everyone here in Taos has seen it and comments about how wonderful our items looked in the local newspaper keep coming our way, so thank you Taos News and the people who work so hard there.
I post these items from our store Two Graces Plaza Gallery to show you the range of the curios we carry. We also carry vintage Pueblo Pottery from New Mexico and Arizona, Vintage Fred Harvey Jewelry, Contemporary jewelry from local Taos craftspeople, and Kachinas (as you can see from the many blogs about them). 
We specialize in rare and out of print books of the southwest, New Mexico, Taos, Native American, Art, Photography, Hispanic Authors, herbal, flora and fauna, and spirituality/religion. The books are sold in the store and on under TwoGraces and ThePlazaGallery, where you can find in the amazon search engine our inventory.
We are also a local oriented Art Gallery featuring the artwork of proprietors Holly Sievers and Robert Cafazzo.
As you will see from the photographs, we have a lot of great merchandise.

Large Mary Witkop Micaceous Clay with horsehair with handle and spout signed and marked 2000 Ranchos de Taos 1,500. small highly polished Mary Witkop micaceous pot with horsehair 250.
Lalique style crystal bowl and American pottery
Vintage Altamira Bison Cave Painting souvenir dish
Porcelain Deer on turquoise painted base SOLD
For the dog lover Chalk Shepard, Bonzo terrier at fire hydrant, 2 pair Salt and Pepper Shakers small and Bonzo Dogs
Vintage Homer Laughlin Harlequin, various pieces, some Fiestaware also available
A great deal of the turquoise Harlequin has been sold to a family in Australia!
We expect to soon have more...   ...and much more has arrived in Yellow, Blue, Turquoise and Dusty Rose.
Bright orange set of espresso cups and saucers
Vintage Salt And Pepper Shakers Donkey, Apple, Pear, Cactus, Mickey Mouse, plastic Cats

Vintage Frozen Charlotte dolls some pairs, some singles
the 2 pairs of indian boy and girl have both SOLD
Vintage porcelain Wedding Cake Toppers, (we had them on all the tables at our wedding many years ago)
Neon Blue Pepsi Cola sign
Philadelphia Eagle Bronze sign with great patina
assorted Flower designer frogs
Candles and candlesticks, Vintage Nambe pair, 
(fancy candles and small tin 'flower' candlestick pair SOLD)

Copper Bowls Miners slug copper handmade lucky cover dish, 1930's era Fred harvey Copper bowl, hand hammered kidney shaped copper bowl

Vintage Fred Harvey Copper Bowl ca. early 1930's with cloud and rain stamping, extremely RARE 650.
Glass Quarter Moon Decanter bottle, Quarter Moon Cake pan SOLD
Assorted Vintage Cookie Cutters and madeline mold tins in Box (Sold)

Vintage Biscuit Tins or Cookie Tins (Pure Lard Tin SOLD)

Metal Horse, Eagle (large or small) Welsh Door Dragon SOLD, Buffalo Nickel dish, Water Sprite statuette, Angel Matchstick holderSOLD
Vintage Windmills Handmade rusty arty one by Alan Hart

These are the LAST of the old stock Tin Nicho Frames

Tramp Art Crown of Thorns Frame (near perfect) with tin type of man with hat holding dog which has slightly blurred from moving during photo exposure SOLD
tri colored Painted Tramp Art Frame for Tin Types, and pair of Tram Art Frames

Small Tramp Art Frame, reproduction Tramp Art Frame, Wall Pocket Tramp Art, Very early New Mexico Tin Frame, Tin Wall Candle sconce

Hand Made early Maple Salt Box, Black Forest Bear Knick Knack Shelf

Shallow relief carved prancing deer plaque from the Charles Reynolds Estate
Handmade small Felix the Cat shelf with tin work
The Angel San Raphael by Anita Romero Jones, purchase at Santa Fe Spanish Market ca 1990, standing on Tramp Art Shelf with heart details
Jim Wagner House Angel, hand carved and painted, rare and beautiful SOLD

Vintage and new Prison Art, Lamp, Heart topped box, large and small heart frames, standing Cross, pair of baby booties, made from old cigarette packages and gum wrappers, true prison art!
pair of Memory Jugs larger one from Northwest coast with shells, smaller one with broken crockery pottery and the eye... 

Vintage Black Americana Bottle Cap Chip and dip Figures (the one to the far left is SOLD), there's also a butlers brush 
Bottle Cap Art 2 large chain links, Bottlecap snake, bottlecap basket

Vintage Art supplies and ledger books

Vintage taxidermy Birds, BlueJay in scenic box, small wren, and South African Turquoise feathered bird
Crystal Rock Bookends, and TinTin And Snowy Bookends extremely Rare
 Vintage Globe Banks, Old Atlas of the World book, and map of Arizona/New Mexico SOLD
 Selection of Vintage Donkeys, the 2 in the center, art deco one to the right are SOLD
 A selection of Vintage Bird items, the woodpecker is metal and picks up toothpicks from his perch
Vintage Putz Cows (the 3 cows to the front right are SOLD), and large Bull Hand carved and signed
Vintage Leopard Jaguar Folk Art from Mexico (Dancing Jaguar SOLD)
 Jaguar Artist piece
 Jumpin Jack carved toy and cut out toy
 Vintage Handmade cutout wooden Mickey Mouse and Popeye Folk Art
 Vintage Crocheted Mickey Mouse and Sunrise Kachina, seated in an Adirondack Twig Chair (signed)
 Sock Monkey El Marriacchi SOLD
Leah Benau Shaker style Cat Doll handmade by a local Taos craftperson in a willow chair
 Lost Glove critters by Rebecca Sievers each one of a kind
 Bear Sculpture, light weight concrete casting
 3 Acoma Pottery owls, 2 are SOLD, one left, Wooden Owl by Dan O'Hagan
 Wind-up Donkey, Bear and Duck on a bike tin toy, squeak toy Scottie Dog with remote battery control
 Poosh Clown Pinball game SOLD
 Andy Warhol Superstar Collectible 'action' figures MIB
All Vintage, Pair of Mom and Dad Skookum Dolls with Baby, Pair of Boy and Girl Bully Good Skookum dolls Mint in Box, Pair of nesting dolls in felt cradle, 2 mini baby Skookum Mailers
 Skookum Dolls 1930-1950's (Snookum, Bully Good) some with shoe labels some with plastic shoes
 2 pair of Vintage Navajo Dolls and 3 Vintage Navajo Zuni style Pincushion Dolls
 Selection of Vintage Indian Curios: wooden bust, Cigar Store style Indian, Frozen Charlotte pairs large and small, Singing Boy and Girl, Cowboy and Cowgirl ceramic or porcelain dolls, Little Indian Boy, canoe tin toy, and Bucking Bronco Wind-up toy with box
 Vintage Glass and Porcelain Curio Canoes, Tin wind-up toy canoe SOLD and 2 pincushion canoes
Vintage Birch Bark Canoe selection with porcupine quill work
 Argillite Beaver Bookends pair (chipped), Japan ceramic Totem Pole, carved Steallite stone eskimo in canoe with seal on base, wooden carved Vintage Totem Poles, argillite round box with lid (chipped)
 Santa Anna Pueblo wooden handmade crosses with straw inlay and turquoise pcs priced at 20.,30.,40., also a few pottery crosses from Oaxaca Mexico
 local Cordova, NM Carvings vintage Sabanita Lopez Ortiz
 Our Lady wooden carved probably Guatamela
 Repurposed gilded Nicho with doors open or closed, the Madonna has been sold separately.
 Locally Made Vintage Our Lady Nicho SOLD
 Selection of small vintage religious statues
San Simon Champion of the Hopeless, carved wood in chair
Hollow, one sided metal Jesus and Mary figures 10.99 each
Large Painted Concrete Buddha, gilded Buddha headSOLD, wooden carved Quan Yin, brass Buddha Head, Resin Buddha
Statue of Liberty Banks and such

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