Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shopping at Two Graces Vol. 6

This column is dedicated to my Mom's Aunties: Nini, RoRo, Poppie, and my Mom's Mom Lena. One day my Mom purchased a pair of LEE Jeans, (she called them Dungarees), when I saw the name on them I asked why she had my Grandmothers' jeans. My Mom LOL had to explain to me that they were the name of the brand, not my Grandmother's name sewn onto them! Please continue...
Everyone needs a Guardian Angel, this one is hand carved wooden with Glass Eyes, probably Italian, possibly from Portugal? 12" wing span, SOLD as beautiful an angel as can possibly be. Placed over a door to bid you good journey each time you leave your home, or over your bed to bring sweet dreams as you close your weary eyes.
Starting on the left this plastic light up Infant of Prague is priced at SOLD stands at 12", the red robed Infant is 12 1/2" and comes with a set of extra Robes $129.99, the next one is a 'planter' with a small compartment at it's back for flowers or gifts 10 1/2" tall priced at SOLD, the last one on the right is 12" tall and comes with vintage medallions pinned to it's robes $129.99.
Two Graces is fortunate to have these lovely statues available at this time.
This is something very special to me, on the bureau or on top of a cabinet, The Infant of Prague was to have a proper place in the homes of my Mom's Aunts where they could see this depiction of the Christ Child and ask for favors. When the wish was not forthcoming in a timely manor the tradition was to break off the hand of the statue, but to glue it back in place once the favor was complete. Then out of guilt you were to adorn the statue with new handmade robes and/or to pin medallions onto the robes. Except for the light up plastic one to the left, the examples above all have broken and re-glued fingers.
Placing the Infant outdoors the day before an event such as a wedding will ensure good weather, ahh the possibilities!
Part of the story of "The Infant of Prague" which makes my hair stand on end...
The Carmelite Friary was plundered by the Lutheran Swedes, and the image of the Infant of Prague was thrown into a pile of rubbish behind the Altar. Here it lay forgotten, its hands broken off, for seven years, until it was found again in 1637 by Father Cyrillus and placed in the church's oratory. One day, while praying before the statue, Father Cyrillus claimed to have heard a voice say, "Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."
The Buddha 9" tall seated black stone pumice SOLD, what I call the Venus de Milo type 8 1/2" figure with stand is SOLD, and the metal head 9" of Buddha with nice patina and stand is$59.99
The Buddha taught non-violence, respect for all life, the merit of giving generously and of a simple lifestyle, serving for many people as a model of the highest standards of humane behavior, how nice is that and how can you not have one!
When the Great Potter Mary Witkop was taking a trip to Indonesia she asked if I'd like her to bring anything back for me, I asked her for a Buddha, she returned with the Smiling Buddha, and that makes me smile to this day.
On a recent Shopping Two Graces Blog someone asked about Holy Water Bottles, so here they are, in the front is a vintage glass bottle with dispenser top from Mexico 3 1/2" tall priced at $24.99, to the left a vintage 8" plastic Our Lady bottle SOLD, the tallest one is a 12" vintage plastic Our Lady of Lourdes and contains Holy Water collected from the grotto up to about her tummy priced at SOLD ( I can't guaranty that miracles will happen but this seems a very small price to pay), the pink and white plastic bottles are contemporary 8" tall from Mexico $7.99 each.
In New Mexico it seems to be the phrase "Our Lady" is used to describe what in other areas are called a "Madonna", to me both seem interchangeable. Perhaps with the connotations that the Pop Star Madonna negative and/or positive can conjure up, the term Madonna has fallen out of favor. Above is a selection of vintage statuettes starting at the left is a delicate 'head vase' 6" tall SOLD (a nice addition for anyone with a head vase collection), next is a metal statue with silver plate remnants 6" tall priced at SOLD, next in the back with starry blue robes just over 10" tall standing on a serpent SOLD, in the front she glows in the dark 6" tall priced at SOLD, behind her the thin white figure is SOLD and her companion in Blue robes SOLD, these are each just over 7" tall, in front is a light up torso her hands holding a pink flower and a crown of pink flowers on her head SOLD, to the far right the off white one with glaze just beginning to crackle is 9" tall SOLD, the tallest one 13" to the back with blue robes, (a finger on her right hand is broken off) SOLD. As you can see gathered together, these make a worthwhile and spectacular arrangement, start collecting now.
Lastly, these 4 photographs are from the collection of Violetta Barela which was brought to me by her family. Rather than toss it all into the dumpster they brought it to me. This collection includes some of the most beautiful vintage Holy Cards I've ever seen, (and that includes the ones I've seen in books). Vintage Bibles, Scapulas, Rosaries, Statuettes, can you imagine all going into the trash, because IF I didn't want it, who would??? I understand this and the disposability of our belongings once we are gone, but it still bothers me and I wish it didn't have to be that way. Blessings to you on your journey Viola...


  1. Makes one wonder how many times we were the focus of those prayers offered by grandmothers, godmothers and aunts. We should be eternally grateful. V

  2. in love with the angel of course and the rest of your pieces are all spectacular, but I think I spent my wad today on milagros at your place!!! lol!!

  3. great pieces.....and yes, all the prayers from the women in my italian family that kept me safe when i now realize i needed those prayer!
    and yes, i agree...just with a friend in an antique shop the other day, looking at family photos/tin types/ etc that were discarded and selling for very little. you'd think someone would cherish them in the family.