Monday, December 7, 2009

How in the world do you know Leslie Hall!

Yes, it's true, my nephew couldn't believe it when he saw the Leslie Hall video by my DVD player and her picture on the fridge. That's she & I (yes I know Bono stole this look from me) for those of you who don't know who she is just google Leslie Hall or check out Amoeba Records website for a sample of her music. Leslie was one of my students back at SMFA, not one who attended classes all that regularly. Her brother helped Holly & I drive the truck full of our possessions out here to Taos about 8 years ago. Well that first Spring we were here less than a month, when Leslie & Laura showed up in Taos. We had been out for the day and when we returned home the TV was on, I started to say how in the world did Rosie the cat figure out how to turn the Television on when Leslie & Laura popped up from the couch. Now how they found where we lived and how they got into the house was a bit dicey at best, but here they were and it was great to see familiar faces here in Taos. Someplace in my photo archives I've got a picture of her Mom and sister with HH, Holly & I having dinner together after HH graduation from SMFA, and more pictures from her Sponge Bob themed Birthday party outside taking wacks at a Pinata, me blindfolded and swinging away, (that's my painting in the foreground).
For those of you curious enough to check it out I believe these url's can be copied and pasted into your browser.
one is called Leslie Hall Presents SMFA
and the other is Leslie Hall Craft Talk
If the url's don't work just google these titles.
To me these are the 2 best videos and rather infectious, they've cheered me up a lot, thanks Leslie, maybe we can get you out here to Taos sometime soon and perform at Two Graces, wouldn't that be FUN. Leslie was performing recently at Art Basel Miami, there is some video online of this performance, AMAZING. We're proud of you and perhaps a bit frightened!


  1. THAT was great. both of the videos. I was laughing! Me! Yay~!

  2. the url for Craft talk doesn't seem to work, so PLEASE google Leslie Hall Craft Talk, it's worth it!

  3. ha! loving the spongebob birthday party with the world's greatest grandma sweatshirt.

  4. I once tried to paint my house with Beanie Baby blood but it didn't!
    Dem beanies are mean little things.

  5. wow! you know Leslie! I love love love Leslie - she is one of my art heroes! I discovered her here:
    she is actually on a nationwide tour right now - is she playing two graces?