Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robert, I did not spray paint that UFO

When we first moved here to Taos these UFO stencils were on a whole lot of cow crossing signs. It's really too bad they were all removed, they added a sense of humor and charm that is missing these days. Far too much homeland security paranoia.
Someone told me a story of how there was a person glueing small plastic cowboy and indian toys onto the middle of roadways years ago. People would go out looking for the latest edition of them to appear. Someone out there must have pictures of them and know more to this, I'd love to know more...
Anyway, this picture is posted here because I was asked to put a better picture of myself on my Blog page, so here's one I like, Robert & the beam me up Cow sign!


  1. taos is still such a wild REPRESENT it many ways.
    two graces is a gem.

  2. I remember seeing a UFO over a cow on our first visit. And have looked every visit since. In vain. Brian