Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I Got for Christmas: A Slight Concussion, and a Good Long Nap!

It was my own darn fault and my own bright idea to go off for a hike on Christmas Day with Holly. I chose the Taos Ice Cave hike, which is always longer than you'd expect it to be, and a whole lot colder, too. We don't have snowshoes or cross country skis, just warm socks and boots. There had been one person cross country skiing on this trail with a dog, otherwise all the tracks were of a large variety of the local wildlife, Elk, Mule Deer, Rabbits, Jackrabbits, Chipmunks, Birds, and other unidentifiable critters.
In reality the cave is but a cliff shelter overhang, with water tumbling off the top of which freezes at this time of year into massive stalactite icicles.
Trying to get a better picture, I slipped on the ice and gonked my head on the largest column of ice. Results, a mild concussion, causing me to sleep most of Christmas Day.
As these gi-normous icicles melt they create a water pipeline into the babbling brook below.

Holly inside the cave and a view looking out.


Holly leaving the cave and stream to head up to the trail.
Now, the question is, where is it? answer: Nope not going to tell...


  1. did you take the photos before or after getting some sense knocked out of you?

  2. oh, ouch! and lucky it was no worse... I can't imagine Holly dragging you back in the snow unconscious! great shots though!