Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olde Rancho Church, the Most Photographed in the USA

Yesterday I went up onto the roof of Two Graces and took this picture of the San Francisco de Asis Church with the star on top and a slight dusting of powdered sugar snow.
Just after 5PM last night it began to snow, the Farolitos & Luminarias were set up around the Church and the Star was lit up and flashing. On my digital camera screen it looked as though it were a shooting star. Somehow there are indeed stars in the sky, even with the slight cloud cover and the snowstorm moving in.
The white flecks in these photos are of the falling snow. With my very simple, lo-tech digital camera the only thing I could actually see on the viewfinder were any of the electric lights, so basically I aimed and hoped for the best.

The paper bags and the piles of firewood, (Farolitoes/Luminarias) set up around the Church are lit to attract the Faithful & most importantly Jesus Christ, (or Santa Claus, as well).

I've saved the best for last, here's my favorite shot of the Church, isn't it a doozy!
If I knew how to, I'd take out those two lights on each side, at least the electric & phone wires are gone now, and in this shot you can't see the gas meter on the lower right side, (you can see it in the first image).


  1. these are MAGICAL.....thank you!! made my holiday brighter!

    i don't know photoshop, but i'm sure you could have someone wipe out the lights on the side. picasa can't do that. but, our cameras are great, now i want to go out at night when it's snowing and see what i can capture. however, it won't compare to what this sacred place has given you! when you're ready to sell some copies, post them. i'll put in an order now.

  2. I like the lights on the side...but we can try to take them out and see what happens! A beautiful night!