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The Whimsical Rusty Gold of Pozzi Franzetti

Pozzi (Rosemary) Franzetti (1953-2012) 
Petroglyph Figures, Reaching to the sky. 32" tall & 37" tall (These have been acquired)

Settling in to Taos, New Mexico in the mid 80’s, Pozzi Franzetti created some of the most loved sculpture available here. Over the next thirty years Pozzi created ‘Jo-Mama’s Pot Pies', but later what she was best known for ‘Franzetti Metal Works’ became a sensation. In the late 80's Pozzi also took the time to teach welding classes to Taos youngsters at her ‘art camp’ in a small corner of Metric Motors. From the stories I've been told they were in awe of her.

Angel with Trumpet 45" tall (The angel has been acquired) & Dancing Woman 35" tall 

The Earthquake Detectors (or Hurricane Detectors), are flat figures on a ‘spring’ which rock when the ground shakes or the wind blows. These are some of the most coveted garden ornaments around, rarely available, prices for these have ballooned to $200. for a small one. We have priced everything currently in stock quite fairly and much lower than what is available from other sources. 

Hurricane Shaker Table Lamp with shade 19" tall

Classic Kokopelli Hurricane Shaker 17" tall

Dancing Petroglyphs Hurricane Shaker 12.5" tall (This item has been acquired)

Bucking Horse & Neighing Horse (These two items have been acquired) each 17" tall

Kokopelli the Flute Player Hurricane Shaker  24" tall

Frog Hurricane Shaker 12" tall (This item has been acquired)

At one point Franzetti metal works were the number one seller through Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalogue. She even sold her work through the Home Shopping Network. She was always selling at area craft fairs, where her booth was the most popular. In Taos out front of the American Artists Gallery House B&B is a 7’ tall, flat sculpture created especially for the inn by her. It's called the "Goddess of Bed and Breakfast." The sculpture has also become the inn's logo.

Kokopelli with child, on base 15" tall x 15" wide

Hunter Petroglyph 26" tall

Ram Petroglyph with Vortex 20" tall (This Item has been acquired)

Mermaid 11" tall (Mermaid had been acquired) and Petroglyph Woman with Attitude 8" tall ('Attitude' is On Hold)

Heart in Hands Native Figure 9" tall x 8" wide

Koyemsi/Mudhead painted white w stakes 22.5" tall (not counting stakes)

Ogre Petroglyph 11.5 wide x 17 tall (This Item has been acquired)

There are light switch covers and wall sculptures of petroglyphs, dancing figures and anything that struck her fancy. For years a Franzetti light switch cover was the perfect gift for any new home owner, they brought magic to a room. Light-switch covers could be inspired by Native American petroglyphs or cats buffalo, neighing horses, and a flock of birds.

Please Note: All Switch Plate/Outlet Covers are priced at $35.
Raven in flight double switch plate cover (This Item has been acquired)

Buffalo Outlet Cover (This Item has been acquired) and two Cat Double Switch Plate Covers (One Cat has been acquired, One cat is available)

Kokopelli Flute players, Single and Double

Ram Petroglyph double outlet cover, Avanyu Serpent Double Outlet Cover and Ram Petroglyph double swithcplate cover (Ram Switchplate cover and Ram Outlet cover have both been acquired)

Jonah & the Whale Single Switch Plate Covers, Flower Vase Switch Plate Cover (Flower Vase has been acquired)

Heron Double Switch Plate Covers (These have been acquired)

Standing Heron Switch Plate Cover (This item has been acquired)

Neighing Horse Switch Plate Cover

I think of this as the 'Fainting Spell Couple' yet I believe they are actually dancing Switch Plate/Outlet Combo

One story I was told recently was that a Taos couple were on the beach in New England when they spotted a large rusted metal object sticking out of the sand at low tide. When they pulled it out of the ground, to their surprise they had discovered a Franzetti sculpture which they covet.

Front and Back of Corn Bringing Business Card Holders 
(One of these has been Acquired, one is available)

Here are 2 examples of a stamped Signature and occasionally she'll have added a signed engraving

Somewhere off the High Road to Taos a farm has used Franzetti 'blanks' in an imaginative way for fencing.

Kokopelli Earthquake shaker (This item has been acquired)

Pozzi Franzetti made art that you could live with, which often had a functionality to it along with a fun lighthearted sense of whimsy. We call them Rusty-Gold and purchase them for our shop whenever possible. We’ve even sold the ones out of our home to visitors who’ve insisted that we share these treasures. Normally we are lucky to have 1 or 2 of Pozzi Franzetti sculptures, at this time we are honored to have over three dozen available. It's a Pozzi-Palozza!

5 foot tall Petroglyph figure (this item has been acquired) 

I never had the opportunity to know Pozzi Franzetti, if I had it would have been a treat to scurry around the local petroglyph sites looking for inspiration and whimsy.
A classic Petroglyph right here in Taos

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Thank you everyone who has attended. Thank you to all of you who have shown great respect and kindness towards the family and this sale. 
This blog post will remain as an example of how I run my Estate Sale Service. In the ten days it has been posted there were over 600 views. Remarkable.
A side note: During this sale it is to be noted that none of the artwork by Suzan Pitt was made available for purchase, only the contents of the home which the family chose to part with. Before the sale much of the artworks were on display in the home, the more recent works on watercolor paper and the large primed canvases tacked that had been tacked to the studio walls and never put onto stretcher bars were in plain view. Wonderful work all of it, alas she never signed the artworks, even the few that had been framed. When it was suggested that this could be problematic for sales of the art through a proper gallery, her son stated that he was very good at 'recreating' her signature. Fair warning to any prospective dealers and buyers of this work, caveat emptor.

There are very special people in this world, there is no denying that Suzan Pitt was one of the wonderful ones. A visionary independent animator and painter, admired by her peers. 
To step into her world of dreams was like sitting in the front seat of her car and letting her take you on a journey. Call it a surrealistic magical mystery tour or a spell binding road trip, Suzan was not going to let you down. 
The possessions of her lifetime were paired down to what she chose to bring with her when she moved to Taos a little over a year ago. 
During the last few years she’d been painting on coats inspired by tattoo art and the imagery she loved. She sold at Patricia Fields, NYC and in LA shops. Many of the coats she collected to become her canvases were never used after all, she just ran out of time. 

Items being sold include: A Little Caesar ‘canned ham’ (mini-airstream), Furniture, Woman’s Clothing, Records, Books, Art Supplies, Collectibles, Rugs, Vintage Linens, Garden Tools & Furniture, Kitchenware, Lighting.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of a dedicated artists dream filled life. 

Vintage 'Ice Box" style Dresser 

Large metal wardrobe, I call this the 'Beetlejuice' Cabinet

Large Mexican Coffee Table

California Monterey Style Painted Vintage 'Frida-Style' Table

Vintage Metal painted Twin Size Bed, complete

Vintage Maple Chair

Adjustable contemporary Floor Light, there are 2 with extra lightbulbs

Shabby Chic Vintage Floor Lamp

Faux wooden framed Vintage Mirror

Armadillo Bag

Italian Porcelain Figurine

Shabby Chic Double Candle Holder

List of the LP Record Collection
Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol 2. 
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde 
Bob Dylan Bringing it all back home 
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited 
Beatles Magical Mystery tour 
Beatles Again 
Beatles Revolver 
Rolling Stones Between the buttons 
Marianne Faithfull a childs adventure 
Marianne Faithfull Broken English 
Blind Faith 1969 
Fresh Cream 
Jefferson Airplane surrealistic Pillow 
Doors waiting for the sun 
tom tom club 
Talking Heads little creatures 
David Byrne The Catherine wheel 
Ike and tina get it together 
Prince 1999 
Grace Jones Nightclubbing 
Jimi Hendrix experience are you experienced 
Jimi Hendrix crash landing 
Big Brother and the holding Company 
Elvis costello My aim is true 
The beat 1979 
violent femmes hallowed ground 
JJ Cale Really 
Die dominas 
Love will tear us apart swans 
Yello you gotta say yes 
Sunny Ade synchro system 
Burning Spear Live 
The Meters Cissy Strut 
Evan Lurie Pieces for bandoneon 
Evan Lurie Solo Piano Happy 
Evan Lurie Solo Piano Happy 
Half Japanese Music to strip by 
Malcolm X the unstilled voice 
Last Tango in Paris 
sounds of the american southwest 
music of Eric Satie 
Vangelis Soil Festivities 
New Beat Bossa Nova (no jacket) 
Blues project live at the Cafe au GoGo 
Free Jazz a collective improvisation 
Eartha Kitt where is my man 
Miles davis round about midnight 
Miles davis round about midnight 
Miles Davis tutu 
Miles Davis Kinda blue 
Cookin with miles davis 
Miles davis star people 
Relaxin with miles davis quintet 
Miles Davis Bitches Brew 
Working with the miles davis quintet 
John Coltrane Soultrane 
A love supreme John Coltrane 
Otis redding live in europe 
Otis redding pain in my heart 
Robert Johnson king of the delta blues
Chet Baker sextet & quartet 
I am the blues willie dixon 
Billy Eckstine Mister B. and the band  
Temptations all directions 
The Supremes where did our love go 
Head Hunters herbie hancock 
Best of jimmy Reed 
Barry White can't get enough 
Smokey Smokey Robinson 
Best of wilson picket 
al green belle album 
Marvin Gaye i want you 
Charlie Parker quartet quintet septet 
Charlie Parker Vol 2 
Louis Armstrong what a wonderful World 
Time out dave brubeck quartet 
Art Pepper quintet Smack Up 

Suzan's Embroidered Chicken Boots (NFS)
There are many pairs of boots and shoes available

To see Suzan's lifetime of artwork, the link is:

Link to the recent NYT tribute:

An article from Taos News Tempo:,53103

Link to the documentary film by her daughter-in-law and son Laura & Blue Kraning of her ceaseless effort to create art like no one else: