Monday, November 21, 2016

“O’Keeffe from Taos to London, a Commentary for Tempo, Taos News” Robert Cafazzo October 15, 2016

It occurred to me to share the link to my story for Taos News about the Georgia O'Keeffe at Tate Modern, London exhibition. 

Tate Modern Georgia O'Keeffe banner

I'd planned to write about the O’Keeffe connection to Taos, about the paintings created from her time here in Taos, and how these particular paintings are indeed iconic. Too often her time here in Taos is dismissed as a passing phase, yet over and over again she returned to Taos to work here.

Would the O’Keeffe London exhibition expose more visitors to her work, yes, very much so. Will they get a sense of the Southwest where she worked, Taos as a part of that, I truly hope so.

O’Keeffe tends to be one of the few Female artists that most people can name, she and her work are iconic. Finally more and more women artists are being recognized across the world as the very fine artists they are. In Taos we have been fortunate that this place has been receptive to many.

The Tate Modern people were terrific to me. They had visited Taos in the Spring, and requested to come up to the D.H. Lawrence Ranch, of which I am president (D.H. Lawrence Ranch Alliance) and a docent for visitors to the Ranch. I'd been asked to give them tours of the ranch including writers and the BBC filmmakers. In reciprocation they provided passes for myself and family to view the exhibit, (I went twice). The curators were also kind enough to gift me with a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Self Portrait at Tate Modern lobby with Jimson Weed 'poster'

Please copy & paste the link here into your browser, the article will pull up on your computer device. Thank you for taking a look.

Included here are a few photographs of O'Keeffe paintings I've been fortunate to see in museums across the USA this past year.

Gallery view at O'Keeffe Tate Modern, Ansel Adams portfolio in foreground

Pink and RedAbstract at Harvard Art Museums & Tree Trunk at Philadelphia Art Museum

pair of clamshell paintings at MFA Boston

Postcards for sale at Tate Modern

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