Friday, February 8, 2019

Two Graces Fundraiser

Just over Fifteen years ago October 3, 2003 we opened our shop Two Graces in Ranchos de Taos. Over these years we’ve moved into four different locations. We've been in our current space (our very favorite place) at 68 St. Francis Plaza for 8 years. Someone asked how in the world we’ve survived all this time in Ranchos de Taos, that locals rarely come ‘all the way to Ranchos’. We’ve adapted and changed, we keep it fresh and different on a regular basis. We strive to do our best.
Recently a few things happened that have brought us to the critical decision that it is time to move from Ranchos de Taos into a location in the town of Taos. A few of you are already aware of what’s been going on.
Too many things have happened to make us rethink staying at our current location. A recent raise in rent, Holly being accosted, the building we rent is being purchased, and then the flood damage to our back gallery space. 
Many of you have come by to see for yourselves the damage to the back gallery space and are encouraging us to move. This has been a loss of 15% of our current floor and wall space, a considerable loss when you think about rent per square foot. We try every day to keep our heads up and make the best of the situation.
There have been 5 generous offers of spaces in Taos that we could move the gallery into. We decided on one in particular that is on Kit Carson Road. The new space will be smaller, we’ll continue to show our artwork, carry the best selection of books in Taos and well curated carefully chosen curios. 
We are looking at an opening date in the new location of May 1, 2019. There are a few reasons to hold off until then. We need to sell off as much of the larger items that we carry as possible, mostly this is furniture, but also vintage frames and signage. We are currently offering 50% off on these items and half off much of our Pueblo pottery collection. Since we’ll no longer be located “In the Shadow of the San Francisco de Asis Church” we won’t be carrying as much of the quality vintage religious items that we’ve specialized in. Look for other sale item announcements on my personal Facebook page. We are also planning a reception for a showing of Holly Sievers and Robert Cafazzo artworks on Saturday, April 6, 2019 in the current Ranchos space. 
You (our friends and network) have suggested we start a Go Fund Me account, which we believe is a great idea. If you’d prefer to not sign up with the Go Fund Me account and provide a donation through sending a check or calling with a credit card number that would be extremely helpful. We have always survived bare bones and began the shop with nothing but our own sweat and blood. If we didn’t need to ask for your help we would not, but it has come to this.
You may ask us why we need your help and what we need help with? First of all this was quite unexpected. After 15 years in Ranchos de Taos, it has become a law of averages with most visitors to Taos walking around in downtown with barely a handful visiting the Church Plaza it no longer makes any sense to remain on the outskirts. Two Graces is unique to any business in Taos, we have contributed by adding the color and flavor of the Southwest and most importantly a terrific experience to our visitors. Kit Carson Road is a great location for us, we’ll be much more central for local shoppers and visitors. We contribute local color and history, we participate and support this community that we love and chose to become a part of. Our return customer base from all over the country is strong, they’ve returned time and again each year to our shop in Ranchos. This is why signage and advertising will become an important part of the expenditure in our first year.
Meanwhile we need to raise upwards of $15,000. in funds for the move to the new space. First of all an immediate deposit is required to hold the space and show our commitment to the landlord of $800. If you are at this time able to help our fundraising efforts, we thank you.
Funding will be used towards: Town of Taos Various Licensing & Inspections, Store Signage, Updated Counter Displays, Updated Point of Sales Apple Pay Services, Moving Van Rental and Help, Rental Deposits of First/Last/Up Front Building Deposit, Advertising, Reliable Vehicle.
In return for your contribution we will maintain a list of who you are and send you an offer sheet to select from. Some of what we will be offering in return for your contribution will include a historic tour of Taos, a small work of art, and/or a generous store discount coupon. 
Checks sent to: Robert Cafazzo, PO Box 1587, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557
A call to the store with credit card info between 10-5 each day at, is another way to help: 575-758-4101

The Go Fund Me account link which can be copied into your browser is: 

Accolades from individuals include, “Know that you have many fans & devoted followers… thank you for all you do, and congratulations to you both for making memories we hold close.” A local celebrity visiting with his family said to us, “I can’t believe I’ve never been here, this is the best shop in Taos”. Another visitor said to the friends she was with “I love this shop, it reminds me of ‘old’ Taos.” A social media friend pointed out, “Robert is an amazing man, he and his wife Holly run a neat gift, collectible shop in Ranchos de Taos, and have made it through a rough year. Robert paints, writes and does guided tours, if you are in the area look him up at Two Graces Plaza.” May we all do our best to keep Taos as wonderful as we know it to be from the first time we saw it. We love it too and appreciate all of you, thank you all for your help and support.

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