Sunday, December 18, 2011

Southwestern Christmas Stockings and a Christmas Story

 Recently I had this brilliant idea to make Christmas stockings with old navajo weavings. Thanks to our friend Julie Cloutman of Taos Fiber Arts we were able to have these made by her with some 'cutter' weavings and navajo rugs that we had in storage. Right now at Two Graces Plaza Gallery we currently have 11 (10 actually, one just sold) different ones, they are priced at 75.00 each, (3 more will trickle into the shop this week fro Santa's elf). With a quick search of the internet I soon learned that someone else is making these as well, (with a very Santa Fe price if you know what I mean). 
These are priced right and made right here in Taos, New Mexico from vintage  rugs.
Just look at how great they look over a classic Southwest Kiva Fireplace!!!
This single one above is SOLD, (thank you).
 These are all 11 patterns, each very unique, (I expect to have 3 more during the week). Contact us before Wednesday for delivery before Christmas outside NM, at 575-758-4101 or email or just stop in and shop at our lovely store here by the San Francisco de Asis Church in Ranchos de Taos. We are open every day, (except Christmas), and I'm thinking of staying open late on Christmas Eve, but we'll see how things go.
"A Christmas Story"
One year we were celebrating Christmas with some of my family in England, they rented a National Trust Home in the countryside of the Lakes District near Windermere and the home of Beatrix Potter. We had to take a ferry to get to the house we were to stay at. The house had a coal burning stove to cook on and which to heat the house. An upstairs had enough bedrooms for the group of us. My sister had chosen this particular area that Christmas as it was known to be one of the few places where it could possibly snow for Christmas (in England), which it actually did. Nearby too are the stone circles of Castlerigg which we visited on the Winter Solstice and the original Gingerbread shop in Grasmere. Now of course all of this made for an incredibly wonderful Christmas Holiday with many adventures. The story which relates to Christmas stockings unfolds like this. 
On Christmas Eve after dinner we played board games with my nephew & niece and their parents, during which I told the children that if they had at all been naughty that year that there would be Coal left in their stockings from Father Christmas. My Niece was horrified and assured me that could never happen to her. With eyes wide open, sleep finally overcame her and she was carried upstairs to her room.
As everyone adjourned themselves off to bed, I waited a bit until certain all were asleep. With a lump of coal from the stove placed safely into my own Christmas Stocking, I went back to bed. Yes, I was tempted to put coal in everyone's stockings but mine, but I thought the better of it.
In the morning the children were up and ready to open presents and empty their stockings which Mom & Dad had also, snuck downstairs at some point and filled with gifts. As I emptied my stocking onto the floor a loan lump of coal fell out to the great JOY of my niece who gleefully exclaimed, "Uncle Robert has been VERY, very Naughty and has gotten Coal from Father Christmas" I turned to her and asked, "What did you get?" She tipped the contents of her stocking onto the floor and announced that she had no such thing and had been very good, that it was not her but me, Uncle Robert who is indeed the naughtiest one of all. I've always been glad I decided to make myself out to be the naughty one, it made her Christmas that year.
A Very Merry Christmas to you all, may you be Happy and Healthy in the New Year, and if you must be naughty do it in a way that will put a smile on someone's face, wink, wink...

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  1. PROVEN in 2011, very naughty Roberto, devouring all the candy before he'd have to share!!
    luv your christmas stories, and of course, the stockings...GREAT idea!