Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book List Part 2

Alright now it's been a year since my last book list and there's a lot to cover since then. Some of the books featured here are available at Two Graces 575-758-4639
or The Plaza Gallery 575-758-4101 This list is of books I believe are compatible and make for an interesting read together. You decide, and of course any of them will make a great gift for someone this Holiday season.

"Moving to a Small Town" Urbanska & Everling
This is one of those books that you might pick up once you've moved, but best read long before you even think about moving. Time and time again I loan this book out to people who have moved here. Taos is a small town and as such has all the quirkiness of EVERY small town across the world. Wether you are moving to Taos or some other small town, read it, everything this book discusses will come to pass.
"Birds of Sorrow" Tom Ireland
Here's a rather sad and tender book of someone who does choose to move to an even smaller outlier village of Taos and some of what happens, lovely.

"Mother of God, Similar to Fire" Miribai Starr & Father Bill McNichols
These next 2 books are from some very wonderful people, Father Bill is the iconographer and priest at the San Francisco de Asis Church here in Ranchos de Taos. It's a treat when Father Bill is the one holding Mass at this Church because he relates Mass to life and nature in a way that if John Muir were to sit you down and tell you his thoughts your mouth would be agape the entire time you were listening. Ms. Starr has her own specialness, I've not had the pleasure of speaking with her in a long conversation but if Father Bill says she's OK, then she's OK with me too. Signed copies of this book are available at The Plaza Gallery.
"The House on Mango Street" Sandra Cisneros
Last winter this woman walked into the shop, she spent a long time looking around, then we began to speak with one another. It turned out it was the author Sandra Cisneros, she appreciated that I have a Latino/Latina author section, and made some suggestions. We talked and talked. When she left I felt that one of the most wonderful people I'd ever met had just been here in my little shop.
"The Art of Buying Art" Paige West
You can purchase this through the NYC gallery Mixed Greens at, an insiders guide to collecting contemporary art.
"Leo & His Circle, the Life of Leo Castelli" A. Cohen-Solal
This is well researched delving into the early history as well as Castelli the superstar New York art dealer. When you walked into the Castellli Gallery on West Broadway in NYC there was always a hush, never active or lively, more like a library filled with the most incredible art you could see outside a museum.
"I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon)" Richard Polsky
The follow up to "I Bought Andy Warhol" another GREAT read.
"LuLu Meets God and Doubts Him" Danielle Ganek
This book is really fun to read.
"Weekends with O'Keeffe" Carroll Merrill
"Miss O'Keeffe" Christine Taylor Patten & Alvaro Cardona-Hine
Two books by people who knew and actually spent time with Miss O'Keeffe, almost as good as from the horses mouth. New copies of Weekends are available through The Plaza Gallery.
These last 2 books are for the Hoarders out there, both are intriguing and will start more than a conversation with fellow readers of either or.
"Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder" Lawrence Weschler
"Finders Keepers" Craig Childs
The Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo arts section devoted most of an issue a few weeks ago on this particular book by Childs. Possibly controversial in the great Southwest, and timely for collectors or hoarders.
Many of these authors have of course written more than the particular books I've listed here, you may want to check out the entire body of work by each of these authors.


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