Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe Books

Here I am in the Stairwell of the Art Institute of Chicago with O'Keeffe's painting of her birds-eye view of clouds behind me. Below is my photograph from the window of an American Airlines flight I was on recently. I thought about this painting when I took this photograph, and then there was the painting right there above me, well naturally. This leads me to say that a lot of what I'm thinking of visually has a synchronisity to it leading me to explore an idea for a visual book of my time here in Taos and my travels, to compare some of my artwork with some of the visual imagery that fills my head on a daily basis.
For now though here is a short list of books on O'Keeffe and other women artists that I have for sale in the shop. These are all Out of Print books, paperback unless otherwise stated.
Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz in box w/dustjacket $399.99, Maria Chabot-Georgia O'Keeffe Correspondence $29.99 hardcover w/dustjacket, Women, Creativity, and the Arts Cappodonna & Ebersole $9.99, Georgia O'Keeffe Selected Paintings & Works on Paper $19.99, Miss O'Keeffe Patten & Hine $24.99 Hardcover w/dustjacket, Georgia O'Keeffe at Ghost Ranch Loengard $59.99 hardcover w/imagery printed onto it, The Desert is No Lady Southwest landscapes in Women's Writing and Art $39.99 Hardcover w/dustjacket, Georgia O'Keeffe Exhibition Japanese Catalogue $29.99, Georgia O'Keeffe LM Messinger $21.99, Elizabeth Murray: Paintings and Drawings $29.99, Georgia O'Keeffe Gerald Peters catalogue 1990 $49.99, Georgia O'Keeffe and her Contemporaries $12.99 (water damage to cover only), Zink the Language of Enchantment $159.99 hardcover signed by Melissa Zink & Hollis Walker from the estate of Vincent Price, O'Keeffe on Paper National Gallery of Art $19.99, Full Bloom the Art & Life of Georgia O'Keeffe $34.99 first edition second print hardcover w/dustjacket, Judy Chicago an American Vision $39.99 signed by Judy Chicago hardcover w/dustjacket, Georgia O'Keeffe Art & Letters $49.99, Agnes Martin by Barbara Haskell $2,500.00 signed by Agnes Martin hardcover w/dustjacket. If I ever stumble upon an O'Keeffe book signed by her, well you can imagine the value, it would have to go into an auction house!

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  1. yeah, you need to write a book and document life in taos, and all the amazing people you know and KNEW... you are a wonderful writer!