Thursday, July 8, 2010

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On this blog the image at the top right of the back of San Francisco de Asis Church will take you to my new blog by clicking on that picture. I am now posting items relating to the Two Graces Art Gallery on that site If you'd like please ad it to your favorites or become a friend of either of these blogs. Normally I have this tendency to do a new post once people have made comments of the latest post, (I like feedback) so please feel free to comment. Negative comments will be deleted, bad energy is not what I'm after, I intend only to walk you through a positive experience whether looking at art from the gallery or taking you on an adventure and giving you some insight about things to do and what's going on.
Lately there is a lot of interest in the Mabel Dodge Luhan house, above is an image of one of the entranceways, with bell tower and dovecoates. In the 60's falling into disrepair the home was purchased by Dennis Hopper. Today it has been tenderly & lovingly restored and is run as a B&B and conference center. Holly & I stayed here on our honeymoon in the Ansel Adams room.
Lately there have been Bhuddist Monks creating a sand-painting inside the lobby, the second year in a row they've done this, so you can imagine what a very special place this must be, especially with it's history of us staying there, (LOL)
These dovecoates were originally put up to soothe the nerves of a very high strung Mabel Dodge, she writes in the best of all her books "Winter in Taos", describing the cooing of the pigeons gave a calming effect for the stress and strain of the day.
Past the Gorge Bridge on the way to San Antonio mountain we stopped for this photo op, the gate of the Double D Ranch. Years ago when a couple of former students L & L were visiting they saw this and thought it was quite hilarious, it took me a while to realize the reference, egads. By the way we were flummoxed (now there's a word people don't use anymore) over how to hike San Antonio, and if any of the readers know how to go about it I'd love to know the real secret. All roads up to it appear to be PRIVATE NO TRESPASSING and quite ominous. This outing did lead us to witness a herd of Antelope, probably my favorite wild animal to view and make drawings of.
Next week I'll be giving a tour of Taos to some authors from Japan & LA, looking forward to this, their enthusiasm is infectious.
Thank you again to Susan Sims and Taos News for writing about Two Graces and myself in her column Innovators & Entrepreneurs, you'll find this July 8, 2010 issue on news stands today, or come by and pick one up at Two Graces. Yup, that's a pic of me in the shop looking like an antelope caught in the headlights, and what's going on with my crazy eyebrows???

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