Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a big world out there...

When it's 60 one day and snowing the next, what in the world can you do. Lately there's been a bit of a Spring Break bump around Taos, business has picked up a little bit for most businesses I've spoken to, thankfully. I've seen crocus and daffodils blooming, robins scratching for worms in the mud, and more really friendly nice people around again. Spring may be here this St. Joseph's Day, but you've really got to wait it out until May.
Today with the snow there's very little going on and then suddenly the telephone rings, and it's Cleveland calling...
On the line it's the travel editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer who would like to update the story that the Denver Post did recently, are we truly THE COOL STORE in Taos, you'd better believe it! How cool is that indeed! This has a whole lot to do with Joannie Griffin & Cathy Connely the people behind marketing Taos, to give credit where credit is due,
It was my birthday this week, I'd like thank you all for being in touch through Facebook, phonecalls, cards. It had been my Mom's thing to make me a Teddy Bear cake for my birthday's many years ago for many years in a row. She would make a choco cake with whipped Karo syrup frosting decorated with coconut for fur, and choco frosting also mixed with coconut for fur. The cake was baked in 2 round cake pans with one cut up to create the body legs and arms, with licorice for the claws. It was the best cake anyone could ever make someone. The picture here is of the cake Holly made me from a few years ago, a very, very close resemblance, with a nice update of chocolate ganache frosting, yum.
As most of my friends and family know by now, giving a gift to me means more inventory for Two Graces, as I sell everything. So in keeping with that, a few people sent cards which I proudly display on the store counter. Holly got me one gift, which ads nicely to our art collection at home a print by Barbara Latham of trees. This fits on so nicely
This year we went to Lambert's restaurant for dinner, where the manager Tom was so nice to take time out to come talk to us. He is a 'super realist' painter and has his artwork at Jan Mellor's Taos Gallery on Bent St. It was a nice treat to go someplace we hadn't been to in a while, and Tom and the staff made it a very nice evening for us. One of the things I learned a few years ago when working in the kitchen at Villa Fontana is to go over to the kitchen and say thank you. This came from Donald Rumsfeld, who I will be forever grateful to for teaching me this lesson. Yup, I learned something very positive from Secretary Rumsfeld. It's amazing that the kitchen staff never hears much from the eating public, unless of course there's a complaint. So keeping with being positive these days, I always try to stick my head into the kitchen, catch the attention of the staff and say THANK YOU.
With the snow this afternoon and the lights here at two graces flickering I'd better sign off, and just then as I pressed the PUBLISH button the lights went out, which gives me time to edit this post and ad some things to it.

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  1. great post!!! sounds like your birthday was happy! we got the snow too! but the tulips are pushing their way up in todays sunshine!!!