Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pick of the Crop & 3/50 Project

Two Graces is honored to be listed in the latest Fodor's & Frommer's Guide Books, we have been selected as one of the Best Places to Shop and one of the Best Galleries in Taos.
These listings include both the "American Southwest" & the "Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque" issues.
Of fewer than 60 places for them to focus on in Taos, we've made the grade!

Holly & I were in Santa Fe this past Wednesday, mostly we explored some of the bookstores, imagine that, seeing my name and store in the newest edition of Fodor's American Southwest. (page 195) "Two Graces Gallery, owner and artist Robert Cafazzo displays an astonishing assortment of traditional Indian pottery and kachinas, contemporary art by local artists, old postcards, and rare books on area artists."
Throughout the entire book they do not mention shop owners by name and yet my name is mentioned, I think that's pretty great.
Whereas Frommer's has selected us as one of their FINDS.
(page 222) "For a wild range of devotional and kitschy art, don't miss this place on the Ranchos de Taos Plaza. You'll find glittery magnet shrines, Southwest collectibles, books and antiques as well as a wall full of milagro crosses."
Alas, the glittery magnet shrines and wall full of milagro crosses are long gone and what do they mean "Kitschy" art, anyway we are a find, a true jewel in Taos.
Thank you very much to both publishers.
AND, the 3/50 Project has also chosen us as one of Taos' locally owned businesses to support by shopping here. This is an organization that encourages locals to shop locally. By spending your hard earned dollars in a store like Two Graces it not only helps to improve the economy of Taos, it also helps to keep this shop up and running. By dividing as little as $50. each month between 3 shops you support that are locally owned and operated you help keep those shops alive and an enormous percentage of those dollars returns to your community. At Two Graces we pay our taxes and since day one we have had a sign on the counter stating that fact.
Some of you may have gotten my email blast a month ago about the 3/50 Project, we are proud to be a small part of this project. Even Governor Richardson is now trying to encourage New Mexicans to partake in something similar that he is calling "NM Shop 2/25"!

Also, our number one charity/non-profit, (is not my pocket), is Taos MEN. This is an organization that has been putting mentors into the Taos school system for the past 5 years and now works with young fathers with a support network, an amazing organization and worthy of ours and your support. Our other charitable organization is the Taos Community Foundation, which in my opinion should be the umbrella for all of the Taos Non-Profits.
Two Graces Curio Shop & Gallery is open 7 days a week
our hours are at the least 10-5, sometimes we open earlier, and sometimes we close later,
but we never ask people to leave because "it's closing time". We'll even stay open late for you if you are on your way, just call and let us know, 575-758-4639.
Or if you'd just rather shop privately, we'll lock the door and leave you to your shopping.
Yes, we've done just that for famous people and people who just like some privacy.
Two Graces owner and occasional staff is never "all over breathing down it's customers necks", we want you to enjoy yourself and make shopping here a novel experience. Sharing our knowledge about our inventory is of the utmost importance to us, if you'd like to know more about something, please ask.
If you need information we have a pretty great FAQ sheet, if you just need a bathroom, sorry just watch me frown at you!
We are always willing to rent out the space for appropriate private events, we've had weddings and receptions here.


  1. congratulations!! that is awesome!!!
    i am still scratching my head over "kitschy art" ... like huh?

  2. wow! big congratulations! by name!! I got new glitter - fabulous colors - made a batch of valentines.......