Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haitian Orphans, how you can help

As most of you know the big telethon was held last night for Haitian relief efforts. Bravo to those who participated, and donated what they could. Our friend Barbara Thomas has a daughter who had adopted a Haitian child just about 2 years ago, his name is Miles. This was through the BRESMA Orphanage. It's the one the 2 young women from the USA were running that was ruined in the Earthquake, Jami & Ali. Thankfully the children and all were safe from harm, and now they've been sent to the families that were in the process of adopting them.
If you would like to help, and this orphanage is going to be inundated with children for some time to come now, here's what you can do.
Send a check to: Keystone Church of Hazelwood, note Haiti Mission on the Memo line
161 Hazelwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Attention to: Sam McMutrie, director of finance

For more information you can email:
or call 412-628-3361
Jami & Ali have a Facebook page:

Federal tax ID No. 16-1686006

For me this is one of the best places to send money, because I know it will go to this orphanage. Many of the other groups to donate to may be great organizations, this one just makes me feel like it will do some good.

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  1. Thanks R, I will do this! and I love the photo! : )