Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Huggy Bears of Jason Mondragon Taos Pueblo

This past November one of the Griffin & Assoc. marketing people came by the shop during her exploration of Taos. She asked me about what sort of thing they could send out to travel writers that would be a good representation of Taos during this coming year's campaign of "Return to Sacred Places". They seem to do this quite often, put me on the spot and pick my brain until I'm forced to finally blurt something out that would actually work. I did enjoy brainstorming classes years ago and feel I actually got something out of it at times like these. So, I started with Staurolites the magical fairy stones from the area encrusted with Garnets & Mica in the shape of crosses, simple different. Nope, not that. How about Milagros, no not really a Taos item. She suggested something like a Zuni Fetish, we don't really have that tradition here, although Taos fetishes are something altogether different. Now wait, the ahaaa moment arrived.

What about the Huggy Bears that Jason Mondragon makes... ...after a few weeks went by they contacted me about the bears, a price they could afford and how many they'd need 20, ASAP! Now part of the problem with Jason is that he owes me money, Since Last April, so he's not exactly looking for me! Jason being at Taos Pueblo is not someone who has a phone, his cell phone has been off now for almost a year, and my normal way of contacting him is to put the word out that I'm looking for him. If I tell 3 or 4 people that I'm looking for him and then speak it out loud, he'll usually show up, which is what happened today. Here he is with a box full of Huggy Bears and guess how many, all 20 my dears, all 20. Now, the deal was for a certain amount which I paid him, and I asked him to please bring me my share for the shop in return for the money he owes me, which he said he will do tomorrow, which usually means in a few days.
A little background on the Huggy Bears of Jason Mondragon b. 1967 Tiwa, Taos Pueblo
Jason's Grandmother began making these bears from the local Taos Micaceous Clay over 75 years ago and taught him to continue this tradition which he has, for 22 years.
The Bear families represent the protector, they watch over you and teach the people to farm, to hunt, to respect and protect the forest and it's creatures. The Bears roam the Sacred Taos Pueblo Mountain and are thought of as Sacred, never to be hunted. The micaceous clay these bears are made from is gathered in these Taos Mountains far under the Ponderosa Pines that grow there.

These pottery bear storytellers have been featured at Two Graces since we've been in business. They are a delight. We charge the most affordable price anywhere at $15. a group of two, $18. for a group of 3, and $21. for a group of 4. Currently there are a few on hand in the shop. If you are a user of Ebay you will find them at $39.99-$49.99, so as you can see our price is better by a long shot. If you are interested in receiving any for gifts please let me know ASAP. At this time I have a very limited supply of 3 larger groupings of 5 at $39.99, they are twice the normal size, he makes large ones very rarely.

Two Graces Plaza Gallery has been unable to re-stock any Huggie Bears from Jason. The one place that they can be purchased at that I am aware of is the Gift shop of Tony Reyna's Indian Shop at Taos Pueblo.

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  1. I want a group of 3, email me the taxable amount! and post them to me paleeese!!! awesome!! also I will link you to my blog as a btw this is great!