Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Exhibit Preview for 2010

My normal routine for the gallery exhibitions is to lock in what I want to do for the coming year just around this time. Sometimes things get moved around a bit, but usually the schedule remains rather solid. This year for December we had planned to do an exhibit as a tribute to Joseph Cornell, and include up to a dozen local assemblage artists. Instead I decided to push that particular exhibit back a bit and wait until a busier season as of now this is on the calendar for July 23-Sept. 7. What we've done instead is to present a sampling of our artists and of the planned exhibitions for the 2010 calendar year. Here I present to you this current exhibit which will run until January 12. Prices range from $75. - $500. as always very affordable.

These are my own "Kitty & Friends" mixed media on paper, currently there are 11 of them at a price of $125. each unframed or $150. framed. The 2 I'd sent to the SMFA sale in Boston both sold rather quickly. The one that says PURR is my version of my cat CactusPete, the pink cat is my friend's cat Alice who was just put to sleep. They are all 7"x9". I turn the middle room of the store into my own working studio in the Winter, this year through April, the middle of March around my Birthday I'll have a reception Friday March 12.

These 3 Madonna standing dolls are by Barbara Thomas, who was in the Day of the Dead exhibit this past year. She may be curating an art doll exhibit for us sometime in the next year, at this time there is no set date. They are mixed media, paper & lace. The 2 smallest, (not pictured here) sold before the exhibit opened, these are $125. each and are 22" tall.

There are 4 images of Caterina Giglio paintings here, the exhibit includes 3 more. The one of the Church with the peace sign is priced at $400. the others range from $125. - $300., the golde aspen tree is very beautiful. Caterina is experimenting with new techniques and these are some of the first pieces she's done in this manner. Her artwork has always been some of the most popular here at Two Graces, she's one of the most positive people you'd have the good fortune to know.

Which one do you want of these 7 box constructions by Linda Gottlieb, I know which I'd like to own! These are some of the pieces for a Tribute to Joseph Cornell, who's birthday is Christmas Eve, (Holly's Mom's birthday is Christmas Eve as well). The boxes are 19" x 13" x 2 1/2"deep, except for the yellow parrot, they are all behind glass. The woodpecker has a length of rope that hangs from under the box, which when pulled allows the woodpecker to peck at his perch, interactive and addictive. Some of the strongest assemblage artwork you'll ever see, (or own at $500. each).

Maggi Younger has created 7 small boxes of many mysteries here, a clue may be given by the paper she's used to wrap them in which comes from an old volume of Grimm's Fairy Tales. As you pick one up there's something moving and making sounds inside, as you look through the slots, small landscapes are revealed. Mysterious little gems at $75. each.
A vintage Louis Maestas colored pencil drawing of the San Francisco de Asis Church priced at $450. This year there will be a number of lectures and exhibits about this magnificent structure during the Enjarre or re-mudding. As a part of this Two Graces will feature Images of the San Francisco de Asis Church June 4 - July 20.
We hope you enjoy the artwork presented in this exhibition, if you have questions about a purchase or need a better photograph emailed to you please ask, we will ship across the US at cost and without tax. Thank you for looking and any comments. R

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