Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Christmas Tree EVER!

On Sunday we went up to our favorite place to cut down our own Tree, State Forest Road 5. It's always snowy there and when we have the time it's fun to bring plastic sleds and slide down the hillsides. Not many people had been out there, which meant the snow on the road hadn't been packed down yet. We walked in a bit and then headed up the hill, Holly tried to remind me that I was about to walk over the creek bed and that's when I fell into about 4 feet of snow.
As I spotted a nice bunch of prospects just up the hill, I came upon this one with an old bird nest in it. The tradition of Christmas Trees began ages ago in Germany and the BEST most coveted tree was always the one with a bird nest in it. There are old dried Aspen leaves and moss hanging in the tree, which also make this one pretty special, almost as thought it were already decorated.
Last night we added our own ornaments to the tree, over 100. There are ornaments from my tree decorating party from years ago, and nice vintage glass balls, animal ornaments tend to be our favorites, so there's quite a menagerie. Each ornament reminds us of a time, place, or person, (Hello Brian, and yes I still have that little handmade book one you'd made). Blinking lights that we plug in every morning and evening when we are home add a nice sparkle.
A $5. permit from the Forest Service for a ten foot tree, you don't just get a tree, you get some nice memories to go with it. Of course there will be the moments when one of the 3 cats tries their luck pulling an ornament off. Tulip hanging from an ornament grasped in her paws pulling the whole tree down hasn't happened, yet...
Merry Christmas, R


  1. what a gorgeous tree! looks like a sub alpine which is what i always get, who can see all those ornies in a douglas fir? I love the bird nest! and it looks great, I can see felix in the background! hey how did you get it home? on the top of the bug???? LOL!

  2. it's nice you know what a good life you lead there in ranchos...!! very special, like getting the tree with the nest!
    all the best.
    i'm going to forward your post on Heaton to another blogger, and hers to you. in sync kindof thing.

  3. HINT (learning from the experience of a friend who's cats pulled down her tree in the middle of the night breaking every single ornament) We run a couple of fairly heavy fishing lines from the tree to hooks in the wall to prevent a cat from pulling the whole thing down. -Brian

  4. I should write a piece someday about how I went to K-Mart early one cold, day-after-Thanksgiving morning many years ago and got one of those fake Martha Stewart bird's nests but, yes, some great memories.