Monday, December 7, 2009

2, 4, 6, 8 Who Do We Appreciate...

Of late, I've been thinking about this Blog a whole lot more than writing it, my apologies to the readers. Try as I may to keep things upbeat, the negatives creep in, and isn't that just a human reality. A couple of readers have told me to not go there and to not be negative about any particular people, I'll try harder. Some new friends told me how Buddhist teaching would say that someone who is mean to you is testing you and trying to teach you something, hmmmm...

If you know me at all, you know just how grumpy I can be, but not maliciously!

The plumbing has been fixed and the heater is on, not leaking. I worked at repairing the back wall and sealing up the draftiness from it. Additionally I made a wheelchair accessible ramp for the back rooms, something that needed to be done and something every shop owner here in Taos should have. Mine were inspired by Felicia at Lumina Gallery.

It's snowing outside and as it sticks to the backside of the Church making it even more wondrous. I love the snow, not the cold that comes with it, eek a gripe slipped in.

So, here's what I want to say, Thank You, to all the people who care and can show it from time to time, Thank You very much.

My former landlord, and yes, I've always had a fear of landlords, called to say how proud she is of me and everything I've been doing. She'd seen all the stories and pictures in Taos News lately and just had to call to say that, how nice is that.
My current landlord, yes, I'm afraid of her, asked me to attend her sons exhibition opening, she wanted to know my opinion, and made me feel that my opinion mattered to her. That's pretty nice too.
Holly & I decorated a Christmas Tree for the Taos News Festival of Trees benefit, the money raised from our tree went to the Taos MEN group, which I've been mentoring for these past 5 years. The publisher of Taos News was the first to bid on our tree, when I saw that he had done this I wanted to go over and kiss him on the cheek. Merry Christmas Chris Baker, and thank you.
More people have recognized me around Taos because of the picture and stories in the newspaper, saying hello, stopping by the store here and just being amazingly friendly, thank you all and I'm sorry I'm so bad with names or where I know you from. Most store owners work all the time here and rarely get out to other's shops, I know first hand how difficult that is and appreciate it when people do take the time to come by Two Graces.
The writer Sandra Cisneros came by one Sunday recently, to all of her friends out there: You are all very fortunate to know this charming and genuine lady, I envy you all and am thankful of the time she spent speaking with me here in my shop, wonderful.
One of my former students emailed recently to say thanks, and told me how he'd gone back to school and became a nurse. That when he was my student I was extremely hard on him about all the time he was spending with his Church (one of the Tom Cruise/Mel Gibson style) and how little time he was spending coming to classes. He got far too involved in the Church and he remembered how much I'd cared about him and tried to get him away from an unproductive experience. You're welcome, I'm proud of you, keep in touch.
Some people just come by to say hello, spend a little time chatting and to all of them, you really have no idea how much it means to me, thank you.
Some of our friends and family live far from here and we are fortunate that they enjoy visiting us here in Taos, we fortunately have a cabin/guest house for people to stay in with it's own kitchen and bathroom, it's a treat for visitors and we love sharing it with them. Holly's sister was here for Thanksgiving, thank you for coming out for the holiday.

This is just a small part of what's been on my mind and how grateful I am to all of you, and as I've said I'll keep trying.


  1. oh, all good news and vibes!! the buddhist eye can really soften one's perspective on it's ALL GOOD, and can be found in everything, and just say 'thank you' to those who offer an opportunity for growth/learning. hmmmm.
    i was wondering about how you all were doing after the plumbing problems and asked caterina about 2graces, and U2.
    the work your preceeding post is wonderful, all. and yes !! to an homage to the great joseph cornell!!
    happy i'll be there in july to see THE church show.
    take care. take it easy. stay warm. enjoy the new view of life in taos and the people there. sounds like your open door to all is appreciated!

  2. awesome post R!
    hope the show went well. guess we have a foot of snow by now and more coming tomorrow so I imagine you will get some too...

    so... in the nature of your post....all I have to say to you is THANK YOU! hugs to you and Holly!