Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taos Art Gallery plus the good the bad and the ugly

My newest blog will be coming soon and will only feature artwork from Two Graces Gallery. Eventually I hope to post all the artwork in the gallery on it, but this will be a long and ongoing process. When I saw that this site had not been snatched up yet I jumped on it, I think it's a good website name to have with lots of presence.

Today my dilemma is that there is a GAS LEAK in the shop, after 6 different plumbers passed on even giving me an estimate I finally hired a good reliable plumber. The leak is either under the floor or in the wall, this could be a catastrophe except that these guys seem to know what they're doing. They will bypass the old gas lines and put a gas line on the roof and down into the 3 heating units inside the shop, saving oodles of money. YET when I asked, will it cost more than $700, or more than $1,000. the plumber in charge said, think higher, over $1,500. and that he'd let me know. As of right now I haven't heard back from him or my landlord about this whole thing.

Even though there's a full page picture of me in today's Taos News and that there have been lots of people coming by to see the altar exhibit, I'm not making oodles of money.
So, say a prayer for me, light a candle or whatever works from where you are but this is quite the money-pit and I'm afraid that this just could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Bad news part 2: While we were away in LA someone stole the bench out front of Two Graces, a bench I'd made and that had been there for over 2 years, now gone. People actually sat on that bench and waited for their friends while they were shopping. Argh, I hate thieves!

Good news: I'll be donating my time to help out with the Taos Community Foundation auction & Antique Roadshow appraisal on Nov. 13 & 14
Holly & I will be decorating a Christmas Tree for the Taos News auction to benefit Taos MEN, we hope it helps raise a lot of money for this great Taos non-profit.
Tomorrow I'll get to see my mentoree that I work with through Taos MEN, I'm really looking forward to that.
...and tonight we're having dinner with one of our friends.
So see it isn't all bad!


  1. curses! I really liked that bench and I have a photo of it under the window. the gas thing is a pain too. I know the money thing will take care of itself, it always does. but I will pray just the same as I always do! xo give hugs to Holly.

  2. Hey, I'd fix it for ya if I was out there. Maybe the price of a round-trip plane ticket would be cheaper?