Sunday, October 25, 2009

Theft, I don't like it!

These 2 pics of the giant Kachina sculptures are the last remaining evidence of their existence, why! They've been stolen, like so many other items stolen whether they be items from inside the Churches of the world, (not just the Church that I sit here in the shadow of, which is kept locked when none of the Church people can keep an eye on things after hours), or out of someone's yard. One of my yard ornament Flamingoes was stolen a couple weeks ago from in front of the shop, and yes I'd like it back thank you very much. That's not all, the beautiful O'Keeffe charcoal that hung in the lobby of the LaFonda Hotel in Santa Fe was stolen this past Spring. It had been there since O'Keeffe put it there herself many, many years ago. I would go in to that lobby just to see that drawing an abstract "River" drawing that was absolutely brilliant. It made me think of how proud I am of the drawings my wife Holly makes, to me they are every bit as beautiful. It made me cry to see it had vanished and yes indeed the concierge ladies (if you are in Santa Fe and need to know where to find something the people that manage this desk are the smartest people to talk to) of the LaFonda told me it had been stolen.
I'll miss driving by these 2 Kachina figures, but I really hope they are returned.
Then too, why is a guy on the crimestoppers list not been arrested Edward Laird, he is known to have stolen the Van Gogh drawing out of a Santa Fe collection, among a whole lot of other stuff from other homes in and around Taos/Santa Fe. He was walking around as bold as ever here at the Ranchos Plaza shops a few weeks ago and tis is after his pic was on the crimestoppers website. At the time I had no idea, but noticed that the truck he drives was parked in front of Dennis Hopper's house just across the street. As soon as I was told that this was the thief guy I relayed what I'd seen and where his car was parked directly in front of the doorway of Hopper's place, everything seemed alright, but argh, a thief walking among us one recent Fall afternoon.
When I first began Two Graces a local woman with her very own shop a block away came into the shop that first Winter, Holly was working for me that day. When I got back to the store, I asked Holly if she had sold a bunch of the RELIGIOUS items I had up at the front of the shop, in those days the desk was at the back wall. Nope, very few sales hardly anyone had even come in except for this local woman. So, mad as a hornet I walked over to her store and as plain as could be there were my missing items, I told her I wanted them back and that it was mighty horrible for her to have taken them. Well, she bold faced lied to me and said they were brought to her by some local youths, (Blame the kids why dontcha), no youths in the shop that day by the way. I started to go around the counter to retrieve my things which still had my price tags on them with my own hand writing! She began to pile things onto the counter and hand it all back to me, I told her not to come anywhere near my place of business. Once I got back to my store I realized she had handed over not only the stolen items but some of her own things as well! Guess, I scared her pretty good, and no I did not file a police report, her brother owns the pawn shop next door to her shop is a big drug dealer and fence in the area and is politico connected.
Another time also at the first store, I was outside talking to a friend when some teenagers went in and ran out, yup they'd grabbed all my cash $77.!!! I immediately called the police who showed up so fast I couldn't believe it, described them and how much money they took. The police came back within 10 minutes, they had found the 2 thieves behind the post office counting the very sum I'd described. Nothing ever came of it as far as any prosecution goes, but the police needed to KEEP my money for evidence. Well, here's the good part 5 YEARS later I got a cal from the police that they have my cash in their evidence locker and would I mind if someone dropped it off to me that very day. 5 years later, needless to say they turned up with the long forgotten loot and I took Holly & I out to dinner with it, (yes, at Love Apple).


  1. Robert I told you I thought that lady had taken things!

  2. Do you still have the photos we took standing next to those kachinas?

  3. yea! what a loving resolution for this whole thing, dinner at Love Apple!

  4. this could be my new favorite blog.

  5. I love those two kachinas. Were they yours and how tall are they ? How long ago were they taken?
    Who made them? Was it the man who sold beautiful kachinas at the now defunct restarant near your shop?
    One day soon, I will tell you a tale about an experience I've had recently.
    May be a correlation.

  6. The Kachinas were a bit over 4 feet tall and stood guard at the entrance to a Hotel in Santa Fe, I can't remember the name of it. They went missing within the last 2 months. They've been there for over 20 years, probably much longer.