Friday, October 23, 2009

Never Get out of the Boat!

Please Note: I have re-edited this little piece of drama and it is now far from dramatic, but thought it best to remain positive!

Oh, what a sorry day in Taos!
Today I posted a note on the door at Two Graces to say closed between 12-2PM on Friday!
My mentoring duties are with a 10 year old who I meet with once a week, this is at one of the Taos Elementary schools, and done through Taos MEN BUT today he was out "sick", so no mentor meeting today. Since I was closed anyway, I decided to take a break and see the SEED exhibit at the TCA gallery. My buddy Merce Mitchell, (scroll down you'll see her felt skulls), has several pieces in this exhibit. BUT she was busy with a local curator. It's a nice exhibit and 2 of the loveliest people of Taos came in to see it as well The Baron's who have been married for over 50 years! She's a weaver and he is an artist and cartoonist for Taos News, always nice to see them. Skipped out on that and headed over to Antiques at the Bunkhouse to visit with Melissa and her sister Donna. They sold my antique brass dutch bell that was on consignment to them, hooray. Then I went over to Red Cat Antiques which is run by this guy named Charles, he comes by every once in a Blue Moon and asks for better prices on anything he's interested in. So I did the same thing to him which I rarely do, I believe someone's price is what they want and need for the piece and I respect that. Well he knocked $15 off a bentwood adirondack style twig chair which has it's original red paint, beautiful and comfortable too. I gave it to Holly at her shop the Plaza Gallery which is right next door to Two Graces. At RedCat I ran into a local historian, and the great, great granddaughter of one of our past Presidents of the USA. She always asks for discounts wherever she goes and is such a brat about it that everyone gives in. Needless to say she no longer shops here. Then I went over to the Harwood Museum, where Pat Sidman, who was having a Harwood Trunk show in the gift shop with her felt wall hangings very nice work. Last year she was included in our Day of the Dead exhibit. So I went into the Museum itself to see Mary Witkop's pottery exhibit, which I had encouraged the newest curator to do over a year ago, and I wasn't even invited to come to the opening reception. Well Mary wasn't invited either which is a really long story that I'll leave out. The Harwood also has a Richard Long sculpture on exhibit in the Agnes Martin room, and that was the third reason I went there. Then the fire alarm went off from someone burning toast in their office, and I rather expected the sprinkler system to go off, so I headed for the door. Then over to Now & Again, where I saw Azatlan working for Sandra the owner, he doesn't wear shoes EVER and has only just begun to wear shoes. I've been in awe of this and now he's just like the rest of us, I guess we all have to adapt.
So, then I get back to the shop and open for the rest of the day and am flooded with people. The Sacred places tour group people came in to use the restroom, but the leader of the group bought one of my small horse paintings which was super nice of her, and one of the ladies bought a ring and some milagros (scroll down for the milagro story). Nice people they look tired and a bit aimless.
Rick Romancito came by to shoot some pics for Taos News, he's doing a story on Day of the Dead that he is including us in all the places in Taos that do this at this time of year. He was so nice that he gave me a CD of music to listen to. Kristine Rippel came in, (scroll down she's in the show) to take my picture for Taos News, which is very nice, so she included the Two Graces sign in the shot. Yesterday someone called to ask me about the altar I'm taking to LA and what that was all about, I'm still not certain what she was interviewing me for???
By the way, the picture above is from the Christmas Eve bonfires at Taos Pueblo from a few years ago, when you could take pictures, now you can not. It's included here to ad drama to this whole little story.

NOTE: Saying your sorry no matter how hard it might be to swallow your pride is a really good thing.
All in all not such a sorrowful day, but the nicest things have happened today back in my own little boat safe and sound. Never get out of the boat, never get out of the boat...


  1. and "keep the wind to your back"......hilarious writing, which sounds like maybe you'd had lots of coffee today as well. a cup at every stop?
    i can see it all now!! and the RATS!!! so many rats.
    how rude not to include you, and ESPECIALLY mary! she's pretty special, but not to everyone, and i can IMAGINE the story.

  2. Mary wasnt invited wassup with that? I hear another hilarious story coming on!!!