Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Last Yard Sale

PLEASE NOTE: This post has been re-edited to a shorter story.
This was the last yard sale day of the year. If your having a yard sale you pretty much want to make a few bucks and get rid of stuff you don't want. The yard sale rule I was told is to show up about 20 minutes before the listed time. This actually doesn't work as most dealers show up at least an hour before if not the night before. Beware if you list your phone number you'll get every reason under the sun that someone can't make it on Saturday and could they come earlier. I know a dealer here who will just plain out lie that she's got to watch her granddaughter and that she can't come later, well her granddaughter lives in Kansas. Some people will HIT a sale and be done in 5 minutes. My buddy Louie wearing the gold jacket in the picture above is THE BEST PICKER in Taos, I say this because he knows everyone, he's polite and asks if they are selling any jewelry which is usually the last thing people put out, so he gets first pick of the jewelry, and the stuff he comes up with is incredible. Impromptu sales are always a welcome sight, reason being that perhaps they weren't 'picked' earlier, so to just take a morning drive up the Paseo and back can be worthwhile.
I wasn't actually planning to go out to yard sales this morning, but I ran into one of our buddies yesterday at the bank and she told me they were having a group yard sale in the morning and were doing the No Early Bird thing. So I got there at 20 minutes before 9 and sure enough people were there already, (remember the 20 minute rule). Yard sales around Taos are actually quite fun, you see the same people every weekend and there can be a comraderie to it. Sometimes I'll show up at a sale and everyone will look up and yell out "Hey, Robert" as though I were someone special, and it does make me feel special, it makes me feel great, what a wonderful way to start your day. So, this mornings items include an enormous Paolo Solari Bell and a cactus which I bought for our house. Not a lot, but some good stuff for home.

So, why should you shop at stores that get their stuff at yard sales? Reason being, do you really want to get up early at the crack of dawn every weekend morning to get first pick! If you find a shop that has stuff you like, then more than likely they have the right aesthetic and taste for you, that's the shop you should frequent. Some places price at fair market value, some compare what it would be on EBAY, and some just wing it. Which means you can find great values in shops that re-sell, it just takes a bit of digging in those shops, but have fun you never know what will turn up in someone's haul.
Taos Balloon Rally began yesterday, continuing through today and Sunday, here you can see why anyone would pull the car over for this spectacle.


  1. you do have a good eye! sorry they are done, I would have loved to tag along in Nov! : (

  2. it's on my list for summer.....and a jim wagner landscape! wow.

  3. Gotta be careful. I once bought a complete 1960s ham radio station and turned it around for high dollars. However, some years ago I sold a 1958 Fender Champ guitar amp for $'s worth MUCH more than that now. It can be a two way street.