Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day of the Dead, Part 2

Trish Hernandez wall altar includes a photograph of her Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and GreatGreat Grandmother, 4 generation family photo!
The piece to the right is Kristine Rippel's "Spirit at Pedernal". I'd asked Kristine to do something for this exhibit because of her love of art and her report from the Christo/Jean-Claude press conference in Denver this past Spring which was published in Taos News, she showed a real love and fascination of her subject, it made me want to read more of her writing.
Another undiscovered Taos artist, she went to art school and my guess either RISD or Philadelphia College of Art, but I don't really know where.
Dan Enger & Amy Cordova, a true Taos dynamic duo, their Enger/Cordova Gallery on the northside of the Taos Inn is one of the select few galleries I tell people to visit. Both have their own unique style, and will make you feel appreciated and welcomed. Amy was one of the very first people to purchase one of my small paintings, (the ones I call Critters). When Holly & I were first starting out we did all the local crafts fairs. Here comes this woman with a Zuni inlay Mickey Mouse ring on her hand and well, that was it I had to stop her and drag her over to my booth.

They say that artists paint themselves over and over again, if you see a guy who looks like this waking around Taos, that's Dan Enger, too cool for school.

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  1. too cool for school is right! love the Cordova pieces too!