Monday, October 26, 2009

Book List Part 1

If I owned a paperback copy of this it would be a dog-eared mess by now, a bloggers friend.
I think this book is a riot, and if I thought about it this writer is probably a whole lot like me!
Embarrassingly obvious shill for my sister's book, which to me is the best of her series, I'm told it may be rereleased from Chronicle Books. Years ago I saw it in the window of a bookstore in Taos Plaza, and called my sister immediately to tell her. When it was still in print they had it in the window most of the time. Yes, Amazon will hook you up with a copy.
Invest in the hardcover, you'll want to keep this book, but don't loan it out,
or you'll never get it back.
The re-release of this book is telling of just how good a Taos book this really is. Mabel Dodge Luhan at her best, and yes I know you've been told to read Edge of Taos Desert, (too dry) this is so much better, and evocative of the real Taos, a companion piece to the next book.
The Dynamic duo of Taos books (Winter in Taos & Of Time and Change) Waters captures what Taos' people were and are to this day like,
(there's a better way of saying this but I'm rushing here).
The third which to me is rather dry is Taos Mosaic, which the Museum docents are told to read.

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