Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Altars and Art

Merce Mitchell has returned to the Two Graces Gallery with her latest Skull Heads of handmade Felt dyed with Marigold Flowers, how wonderful are these, very! They are 12" & 16", and much more affordable than you would imagine. When I opened the shop 6 years ago I had a couple of Merce felt skulls in the window, people driving by would stop in just because they looked so interesting. Some of the best people we know came by then and still come by to this day, you know who you are and how much we love you.
Jerry Padilla created 2 paintings of Comadre Sebastiana, some may know her as the Lady of the Death Cart. Who knew Jerry could paint, well when does he have time after editing and writing for the Taos News Spanish section. We are proud that he took the time to create these 2 incredible paintings exclusively for us.
Melissa of Antiques at the Bunkhouse created this traditional altar for her Scottish grandparents, a very special display. When you are visiting Taos her shop is on Ranchitos in front of the Harwood Museum more or less, in the former Fenix Gallery space. Real Antiques!
When Barbara Thomas brought in her 4 pieces she told me it was alright if I didn't like them and didn't want to include them. Well her work is astounding, and we are thrilled to include these pieces here. The 3 dolls stand about 18" or more, I call them Ladies of the Eve. Barbara is an incredible craftsperson, she will be making "Our Ladies" for us at Christmas time, I can't wait!

This has been Part 1 of the exhibition, I'll try to get to Part 2 in the next post.


  1. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! best show ever! cannot wait for part 2! so sad I missed it! what magnificent pieces all of them! love the dolls and Padillas paintings are great! what a wonderful community show! you rocked it Man!

  2. wow....and jerry padilla...i want to see more next summer when i'm there.
    also, if i have your email address, i'll send you a great little blog exchange ... thanks, neva